Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


22. Love hurts! :( x

Maddys Pov;
we were sitting in silence after I answered Sam question I was biting my nails I couldn't be could I, what would Harry say?. The doctor came walking back in "Okay Maddy I have your results here" I sat up on the bed at looked at him he has a really serious face, "okay, what's the answer?"..." Maddy, the results tells us that your pregnant, its really rare to find out now normally you wouldn't get the sickness for a couple more weeks but the stress could have made your body tell you the signs early". He passed me the test paper that told me I was, Sam took my hand "what do you want to do Madds?" "Oh god, I don't even know, I cant tell Harry Sam I can't" "Here is your pain killers Maddy, and here is my card with the number on it there are other options if you decide and you can call me to talk about them whenever Ill leave you to think for a little while and then your free to go" I stood up and picked up the drink of water with the pills and swallowing them "Come on lets go see how Harry is doing, please Sam don't mention this to anyone!" She nodded at me as we walked out of the room and made our way to the information desk, "excuse me im wondering if you could tell me what room Harry Styles is in?" I asked the lady at the desk she nodded and typed something into her computer "yeah sure just go down that corridor and take the left then he is in room 13 on the left hand side" I smiled and said thanks before walking down the corridor my head still pounding and my eye really hurting, "Maddy, what are you going to do, you have to tell him?" "Sam please not know okay just forget about it today, I don't know what im going to do but I have to get away I have to think Ill ring you though" "Maddy your not making any sense what do you mean get away where?" "Its fine Sam, were all going back to London tonight, Ill decide what to do later, all I know is I cant abort it" I stopped talking once we got to room 13 I didn't knock I just opened the door and walking in Harry immediately sat up in his bad wincing at the pain in his stomach "Maddy are you okay?" I went and took the seat next to him taking his hand "Yeah im okay, just focus on you getting better whats the doctor said?" Harry continued to look me in the eye he knew something was wrong I looked away focusing on Liam "They doctor said Harry can leave in a few hours they just have to wait for the pills to kick in he has to keep taking them every 8 hours but he should be fine" Liam said giving me a smile "are we still going back to London tonight?" they all nodded and I sighed and leaned back in my chair smiling with relief I know Hated being in Seattle and its all my mums fault. Harry had fallen asleep for a little while and I heard Liam whisper to me "Madds can we have a chat outside please?" I got up and walked out into the hall closing the door after me;
Liam- I need you to answer this truthfully
Me- Okay
Liam- Is there anything going on between you and Zayn?
Me- What?.No why would you think that were just friends we always have been just like im friends with Niall, he is with Sam I would never do that to her Liam
Liam- Okay okay please calm down it was just a question just ignore me I don't know where it came from just maybe you should go home and pack get all the bags together for when we all leave, Ill send Niall with you.
Me- Okay im going out for fresh air and to ring Laura send Niall down yeah? He nodded as he walked back in and I started walking back the way I came and taking the lift to the ground floor I pulled out my phone and brought up contacts phoning Laura as I walked out..Laura;
Me- Hey Laura when are you leaving to go London?
Laura-Omg Maddy are you okay, im not sure I booked a ticket for tonight but Im having to take Leah with me because her mums been charged and Lucy can't look after the whole time.
Me- Oh no I never thought of that, okay yeah im fine me and Niall are on our way back im just waiting for him to get down here and then were on way back to pack were leaving tonight too, Laura I have a big favour to ask you
Laura- Okay speak more slowly thought please its hard to keep up with everything your saying, whats the favour?
Me- Can I come stay with you for a while in London?
Laura- Of course you can Madds you don't need to ask Leah would love that too, we will talk more about why though later seeing as Niall will probably be with you soon and i expect they don't know yet by the tone in your voice Ill see you soon bye
Me- bye Laura and thank you.
I ended the call Just as I heard girls screaming a couple fans had followed us all here and I new that Niall was now behind me as I heard his familiar Irish voice "Hey shall we get that cab then before everyone else does" I nodded and walked towards the cab feeling faint and then being sick into the bin that was near by, Niall came from behind me helping me stand up straight and walking me towards the cab "Maddy your not okay? are you meant to be left being sick and nearly falling what did the doctor say exactly?" I looked at his eyes I hated lying to him but too many people new already as I was having to tell Laura. "The doctor said its normal it was the blow to the head he said it will last a few days but Ill be fine as long as I keep taking pain killers" I thought he knew I was lying because he didn't reply for a while but then he just mumbled okay and told the driver were to go. The ride was taking forever and I was beginning to get agitated so Niall started to sing to me; My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio
And turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo, I smiled at his voice I was so lucky to have these boys and I was just ruining there life, getting them hurt and making them argue especially if Liam found out I was pregnant I pushed the tears back and stopped them thoughts in my Head I was going to make things better by walking away by only seeing my brother every now and then I would stop ruining there life now.

By the time we got back Liam had called Niall to say they were on their way back to we run into the house running up to the bedrooms to gather all the packed suitcases and put them by the door I picked Leah up on my way In putting her down on my bed as I finished packing Harry's suitcase as is was only done a little bit by the boys. "Maddy are you all coming London to?" I smiled and went and sat on the bed with her "yeah, and sh don't tell anyone but im coming to stay with you and Laura for a while to, but keep it a secret" She lunged at me giving me a hug I laughed and then stopped smiling when her heard her ask the question I hoped she wouldn't have "Is Harry coming to stay to?" I stood up and walked back over to his suitcase "No hunny but he is going home he wont be far im sure Laura can take you to see him some time" she nodded and run off saying she was going to talk to Niall as Laura came and sat on my bed "I've packed mine and Leah's suitcase so you going to tell me why you want to come stay with me?" I finished and zipped up the case pulling it by the door and sitting next to her folding my legs and putting on one of Harry's Jumpers "I just need to get away, Im ruining the boys lives, getting them hurt and making arguments, especially the argument that they will end up having now if I stay with them" "Why Madds what's happened im sure it's not that bad they can sort it out?" I shook my head "Im pregnant Laura" "oh babe,you can come and stay but your going to have to tell Harry at some point" She pulled me into a hug as I heard a car outside pulling up I looked out of the window to see Liam get out and help Harry out of the car, Zayn going to help but Harry shrugging him off, what was going on there? Louis helped Harry and Zayn walked in front opening the door for them. I got up talking Harrys suitcase and mine down the stairs to the door to meet the boys putting a smile on my face but I knew I wasn't convincing Harry. "Hey guys, Harry how you feeling?" Laura said coming behind me and picking Leah up "Hey yeah im good just bit of pain, "Hey Little Princess do I get a hug?" He took Leah out of Laura's arms and she kissed him on the cheek "are you hurt Harry?" He chuckled "no im fine now, Maddy saved me she's the hero" He winked at me then walked towards me pulling me into a hug and whispering into me ear "help me upstairs we need to talk" I put my arm through his and helped him up the stairs the silence was now an awkward silence we got to our bedroom and I opened the door helping him in and sitting him on the bed. "Whats wrong Maddy? what did the doctor say really?" He said looking me in the eyes, "nothings wrong Haz im fine, just he said im going to be dizzy from time to time and keep being sick it was the blow to the head but im going to be fine" He shook his head "Don't lie to me Maddy, something's wrong because your acting off with me and I can tell your keeping something from me" I closed my eyes and sighed walking over to the bed next to him I took his hand in mine as I wiped away a tear I leant forward and kissed his head "Harry, I want you to know I love you more than anything, but when we get back to London im going to go and stay with a friend for a while" I saw all the colour drain from Harry's face he pulled his hand away "WHAT! why? Maddy what have I done wrong I dont understand I thought we were happy together is it Zayn?"
"Why is everything thinking about me and Zayn? No its not Zayn Me and Zayn have never been an item or never thought of each other like that were just friends, and im leaving Harry because I got you hurt your like this now because of me and I could have put Liam in danger to I cant do this to you all any more I don't want you all to be hurt or angry with each other its best if I leave" Harry stood up and I went to help him "NO don't touch me just leave me alone, I can walk myself, I love you Maddy and your just leaving me? If you were going to leave why bother saving me? I didn't get to reply because he was making his way down the hallway and down the stairs he wasn't feeling any pain now not by his tummy anyway maybe he was emotionally I started to cry Harry would never forgive me now I sat back on my bed and put my hands on my tummy this baby was all I had now after Harry tells the boys that im leaving. I heard Louis rush to Harry "Harry what's happened are you okay? Is Maddy okay?" I head him mumble "Im fine just leave me alone and yes Maddy is fine she is absolutely great you might as well go say good bye to her though" I heard Liam then get in the conversation "What do you mean Harry? why bye?" He had pannick in his voice and I heard Louis run upstairs and see my laying on my bed tears running down my eyes He saw I was holding my belly "Maddy are you okay what have you done?" "Im fine Louis I just have a bellyache just leave me alone I want to be alone Im sorry I love you all" Niall came from behind Louis "really then why are you leaving us? I heard the whole conversation you had with Harry Maddy so just tell us the truth" "If you heard Niall then you would see and try to understand why im leaving" I looked at my time to notice it was half 4 "What times the plane back to Lodon Louis?" "Half 5, Maddy please tell me whats going on" I couldn't take it any more the lies and the arguments this was meant to stop the arguments "I can't tell you why I really need to go, I need to go to stop the argument that would happen if I stay but this is only causing arguments" They two boys came in closed the door and sat on the bed;
Niall- but Maddy were going to find out at some point, so you might as well tell us
Louis- Niall's right Madds.
I went and sat on the bed with them putting my hand on my belly
me- Fine....Im..Im pregnant thats why I have to go Liam hate me and him and Harry will argue you will all end up arguing again and im not ready for that to happen, so im going to stay with Laura, and im going to bring up this baby alone, it will be the only memory I will have of Harry.
Niall- but you and Harry didn't even...oh god Liam, well when you have this Baby he will have to know, your 15 Madds.
Louis stood up and walked to the door "im sorry Maddy your going to have to tell them" "No wait Louis please not here I will tell them when we get to London please I don't want them to argue in front of Leah" He nodded opened the door and put a smile on his face walking down and taking his seat by Harry Niall doing the same and me closing the door and following them down "Is everyone ready to leave?" I said walking over to get a drink wiping my eyes making sure no tears where there. Everyone stood up and walked towards the door thanking Lucy for letting us stay we all grabbed our bags Harry not even looking at me as we walked out the door Sam squeezed my hand as she went passed and caught up with Zayn, I told they boys id meet them at the airport because I was going to go in the second car with Laura and Leah I picked Leah up and slid into the car putting her on my lap while Laura put the suitcases in the back She got in and I watched the car in front drive of with the boys in the back I felt my phone vibrate..Harry;
Maddy please tell me why your really leaving, I love you and I don't want you to leave, I can't survive without you in my life xxxxx
I typed back a reply before turning my phone off;
im sorry Haz I will tell you I promise but not now when were in London Ill tell you all. I love you more than anything never forget that!xxxx
I tickled Leah as the car had started driving away following the other cab on the way to the airport.

Harrys Pov;
I don't understand what had I done wrong Why weren't Louis and Niall angry with her what did she tell them I thought we were Happy I need her in my life Liam's been quiet he is confused too he keeps asking me what I meant I want to tell him but I don't want to hurt him and every time I go to Louis nudges be and glares at me shaking his head. I shove my headphones into my Ipod and select my music favourites and start to cry as the first song that pops on is Hello by Shane Richie and the memory of the funeral and me and Madds singing together is all I can think about.
After about half and hour we pulled up outside the airport quickly jumping out and collecting out suitcases before heading into the airport loads of screaming fans calling our names I see Madds get out of the car behind with Laura and she was holding Leah's hand I feel a bit of anger as I pull out a piece of paper write down my number and walk over to a blonde girl that was screaming my name "All right darling, give me a call maybe we can meet up some time?" I walked away knowing I couldn't meet up with her but feeling like I might have made Maddy jealous I saw Liam frowning at me He knew something was wrong before I new it we were in the aeroplane and was taking our seats I wanted to seat with Maddy but I new that wasn't an option I saw her sit down with Leah next to her and Laura behind sitting next to her was Niall so I sat in front of Maddy and Louis sat next to me with Zayn, Sam and Liam sitting in the middle opposite Maddy and Leah. I heard them talking as the plane started to take off before I fell asleep I heard Leah say "Its going to be so fun, with you coming to stay with us can we go out a lot" I heard Maddy's giggle and smiled as I fell asleep at least I knew where she was going to be.

Authors note;
Okay I'm so so so sorry if it's all squashed and not as good quality as the other chapters it's just I uploaded this on my iPod because I felt like I should put another chapter on for you all, I will put more on tomorrow night I promise! I only have a few more chapter already written then I have to either write more or the ending, it's up to you want you want me to do, so please feedback?

Thank you all so much guys! I'm also doing imagines!!! Check them out and request!! :) x
•Katie x
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