Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


3. Leaving for London!x


Maddys Pov:   "Wake Up!"   Rachel was shouting and shaking me until I forced my eyes open. Thats when i remembered it was saturday morning the week had gone by so quickly,I was starting to feel so scared the thought of living on my own in a big city that I didnt know and how was I going to find Liam I still don't know.   "Quick get up Madds its 8:30 if you dont you will end up missing you plan at 10:30 because you take so long!!"   "okay okay"   I grunted getting out of my bed and pulling my suitcase onto my bed to double check my packing,I ran into my bathroom grabbed the spare pack of razors then walked back into my room and put them in my suit case, I was flying in a private plane with a few over random people so I dont have to worry about certain things to pack . I could see Rachel looking at me with a worried face as she started walking over she reached out to lift up my sleeve as I winced and quickly said;   "We should go get breakfast, come on".   I quickly grabbed my suitcase and walked it down the stairs and placed it at the door grabbing my bag on the coat hanger and taking it with me.    "Madds,I know what you have done please promise me no more okay, talk to me if you need too!"   I nodded slowly and walked into the Kitchen. Its now 9:15 it takes half hour to get to the air port and I cant be late. The radios playing and I was about to change channel when I heard the  Women say:   "We would just like to say thanks again to One Direction for yesturdays surprise interview!, the boys will be flying back to London today"   Just then my dad came  walking into the kitchen, Rachel was sitting at the dinner table,   "where is mum"   I asked even though inside I new,   "uhm, work Madds sorry darling she said to give you a hug goodbye"   He said coming over to me and wrapping me up in his arms   "Im going to miss my little girl"   I laughed as I slipped out of his arms and went through my bag to check I had my plane ticket.   "Are you ready then girls, we can go get some McDonald breakfast first and makes sure your on time"   We both laughed and grabbed out stuff and headed out to the car, my dad the parent that cared new me so well!.   Its now 10:25, I have 5 minutes till I get on the plane and not see my family or friends for 9 weeks, im sat watching people go through for their planes when something else catches my attention, a boy who looked about 17-18 he  had someone with him who looked like a security guard. Then as if he could sense me looking he looked over at me and smiled, his smile gave me butterflies their was something about him where did I Know him from?.   "private Flight to London from Seattle, is now boarding and aisle 14"   came through a woman's voice overhead. I grabbed my bags and gave Rachel and my dad a hug, said goodbye and headed towards the women at the front.   "Can I see your passport and your ticket please".   The women said she looked so happy but you could tell she was just like Chloe, vain. She gave me back my passport and took my luggage sending me through the plane...this was it!   10 minutes later, im sitting on a plane on my own we have just taken off and are not expected to get there till later when it will be 5:30pm London time.   "Excuse me, is this seat taken?"   The husky voice said, I looked up to see the most beautiful eyes staring at me, he had a lot of curly hair, thats when I remember he was the one with the security guard!.   "n-nope, umm you can sit there if you want to"   . .I winced at how cringy I sounded but smiled when all he did was gave a little chuckle and sat down next to me...this was going to be an interesting journey!.      Authors note;   Hey! Im not going to be putting many author notes in so don't worry haha! Just want to ask if you could give me some feedback Hope you enjoy and there is more to be added!x   Thank you! Your all Amazayn!x <3 Katie :) x
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