Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


30. Homes Chapel, Harry's question.

Maddys pov;

"Madd" Harry whispered shaking me gently. I opened my eyes noticing the car had stopped moving. "Did I sleep for the whole journey?" I asked groaning. He gave a soft laugh and nodded his head. "yeah, I didn't want to wake you, are you ready to meet my family?" He asked as I undid my seat belt and checked my phone. I had no messaged or calls and I sighed picking up my bag and getting out of the car.

"Why wouldn't I be?" I said confidently, Harry put his hand out and gave me the look that showed he knew I was nervous and the Liam and Danielle thing was still in the back of my mind. I felt jealous, they were going to have what me and Harry could have.

"Mum, Gemma, were here" Harry called as I walked into the nice tidy house and two beautiful dark haired women come forward to greet us. "Hey Maddy its so nice to meet you at last, how are you doing?" Anne asked taking my coat. "Its nice to meet you to, I'm fine thank you" I replied politely asking if she needed help with the dinner when we walked through into the kitchen. She nodded and I started chopping up the potatoes.

"Harry can we talk?" I heard Gemma say as they exited the room. I stayed in the kitchen helping Anne with the dinner and it was all in the oven as we sat down at the table with a cup of tea. 

"I just want to say i'm so sorry Maddy..Harry told us what happened" She said shocking me as I brought my head up and looked at her, my eyes misted over. "Danielle and Liam are expecting" I blurted out not saying anything about what she just said. Anne gasped and I looked back down at my tea. "and your hurting" She mumbled moving out her chair and coming round to me. She bent down and pulled me into a hug. 

"I'm sorry.." I mumbled as she shushed me and stroked my hair pulling her chair round to me. "Listen you have nothing to be sorry for, you've just lost something that would have been your whole world, and now your going to have to watch your brother with it, you have nothing to feel sorry for these feelings are normal for your situation" I pulled away looking at her.

"No..I was stupid..Im only just 16, I can't have a baby and expect me and Harry to play happy families with it..he wouldn't be able to cope and I wouldn't have been able to on my own" I told her as her face softened more and she nodded taking my hands in hers.

"Things happen for a reason sweetie, but I've never seen Harry love anyone as much as he loves you, everything will work out and he will always be there for you just like me and Gemma will" She told me as I wiped my eyes and Gemma and Harry walked back in.

"Maddy..are you okay?" Harry asked running over to me. I stood up and pulled him into a hug. "I'm fine" I whispered. Gemma and Anne smiled at us and then excused themselves. Harry turned to me and gave me a nervous look. "Do you you want to go for a walk?" He asked looked around I laughed and pulled his head round to look at me.

"I would love to" I told him as his shoulders dropped and he relaxed putting his coat on, checking his pocket and then taking my hand and walking me to the front door. I followed him down the road in quiet as we came to a field. I stopped and stared at him. "wasn't this the place you had your first kiss?" I asked narrowing my eyes as he chuckled and pulled me over to a tree. 

"yeah..against this tree actually" He told me smirking as I playfully hit him. "Seriously..why are we here?" I asked. He coughed and looked around before looking back at me. "Harry...what is it..your beginning to scare me" I told him cheekily as he stuck his tongue out and then bent down.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I screamed in shock staring down at him as he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a box. He opened it up and a sparkling ring shown up at me.

"Harry" I whispered as he laughed and then looked up at me.

"Maddy..we have been through a lot, but you always take me back and except me for who I am. There's no one I want more in the world than you. You make me happy and you always make me laugh. I want us to grow old one day have the chance we missed, to have a house full of kids if that's what you want. I don't mind as long as through out it all i'm with you. I'm not saying we have to rush and do this straight away if you say yes we can just stay engaged till your ready..i know your still young..but I cant explain how much I love you..this is the only way I can prove to you how much I want you in my life and how much I can make you happy and we can be perfect together" 

"So Maddy will you marry me?" Harry asked gasping for air after his long speech. I stood shocked staring at him for a while before throwing my arms around him. "YES I LOVE YOU TO" I screamed as he pulled away and slipped the ring on my finger. He turned me around and pushed me against the tree kissing me softly. When he pulled away I couldn't help but start laughing. "This has to beat my first kiss now, and now this can be our memory" He tells me taking my hand and walking me back to the house.

When we got back we walked through the door and into the front room. Anne and Gemma looked at us. Gemma smiled knowingly and I gave her a "we will talk later" look and she laughed. I held my hand up and Harry put his arm around my waist.

"Were engaged" I told them happily as Anne jumped up screaming and pulled me into another hug. "Congratulations" She looked to Harry. "Im so proud of you" She told him. I went and sat down next to Gemma and we all sat around to watch telly.

The only thing I had to worry about know...was telling my brother Im engaged to his best mate.

If telling him that I was pregnant was will he react to this...he is only just getting use to the fact that me and Harry are together.


Authors note;

Oh my I havent actually updated on this for ages, so I thought Id give you all one now. This will be completed soon and theres only a few more chapters to go, unless you all want a sequel but I doubt that as no one comments, likes and favs anymore :( anyway thanks for reading it if you do. Love you all x

~Kat x

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