Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


14. Harry comes home/ Sam arrives *New arrival*


Harrys Pov:   I woke up in some strange room, I turned over in my bed to face a blonde haired girl, at first for some reason I  thought it was Maddy, I wanted it to be Maddy but then I realised I didn't know this girl I didn't even know her name.  I slid out of bed and threw on my clothes grabbing my phone and sneaking out her room into the front room and out of the door starting my walk back to the apartment that's when I remembered what Happened why did I have to shout at her. Why am I such an idiot I want to be with her so I go and sleep with a random girl. I run my fingers through my hair checking my phone noticing I had 4 missed calls 3 from Liam and 1 from Louis. Oh great Liam new I opened up phone to create message and clicked on Maddys number and quickly typed up a text to send to her;   Maddy, Baby im so sorry Im on my way home we need to talk I love you and I know im such a dick I was wrong to shout at you, I was confused but I need you in my life more than anything in the world xxxx   I clicked send and made my way not knowing where I was, I noticed a sign that I had seen before and realised I was only about 5 minutes away from the apartment I put my headphones in and walked a bit faster.   Maddys Pov:   Zayn came back into my room and was sitting on the bed.   "Hey Maddy you need to get out for a while let the boys talk when Harry gets back, How about I ring up Sam and get her to come round maybe, you can go out somewhere get to know her more?"   I looked at Zayn and smiled.   "Sam being the nice brunette girl that you dated the other week?"   I watched Zayn's face go Red.   "Aww prince charming's in love"    I nodded at Zayn.   "yeah okay that sounds good, Need to get to know her if she's going to be one of us, Im going to get dressed"   Zayn gave me a grin as I got up and selected a red top and Harry's purple Jack wills jumper and some black skinny jeans I walked into the bathroom and threw my clothes on tying my hair into a pony tail and washing my face, not bothering to put make up on. Zayn knocked on the door.   "Hey Maddy are you okay in there?"   "Yes Zayn dont worry im fine"   I laughed at him worrying over me.   "Okay im going to go collect Sam I will be one minute if Harry gets back before me stay in here okay?"   I opened the bathroom door.   "Okay worry guts"   I winked at him before going over to the bed and finding my converse as Zayn made his way out to go get Sam. I heard my phone go off and noticed I had a message from Harry not knowing whether I should read it or not I clicked read;   Maddy, Baby im so sorry Im on my way home we need to talk I love you and I know im such a dick I was wrong to shout at you, I was confused but I need you in my life more than anything in the world xxxx   I felt tears forming in my eyes as I pushed them back and closed the text I didn't want to talk to him now I was going to go spend time with Sam she seemed like a really nice girl I am happy Zayn found her. I knew the kiss meant nothing it was an accident.   Sams pov:   I was so excited Zayn was on his way over to get me I was going to go spend some time with Maddy, then join them all later when things had calmed down a bit. Zayn told me what happened I felt so bad for Maddy she needs a friend right know.   So I was prepared to help her and be there for her I already loved them all as long as Zayn did. I threw on my skinny fit blue jeans and a grey top putting a blue hoddie over the top and sliding on my black converse and grabbing my bag and phone as I heard a car door slam and a knock on my door .   "Mum going out"   I shouted, being 16 I was   still trying to save money for my own place so I have to live with my parents for know I ran down the stairs and answered the door smiling as Zayn stood there looking as fit as ever,   "Hey babes you ready?"   I nodded as he took my hand and walked me towards his car pulling the house door closed after I stepped out and walking me round to the passenger side opening the door for me to get in.   "thank you"   He kissed my hand before closing the door and getting in the drivers seat waiting for me to belt up before doing so his self and starting up the car.   "Thank you for helping me with this Sam"   "It's okay Zayn Maddy seems like a nice girl I want to help you all your all already like family to me"   I smiled as Zayn put his hand over mind and held it until he had to change gear.   Maddys Pov:   I was sitting on my bed on my laptop when I heard Harry get in, he was quick? where had he been I sent out some tweets to a few fans and followed one or two of them and finding Sam on twitter before following her and making a new Tweet;   Going to go hang out with the one and only cool  @SamLoves1D me thinks maybe shopping? :) x   I quickly closed my tabs and clicked shut down on the laptop closing the lid and putting it under the bed I got up ready to go as I heard Zayn pull up on the drive and him and Sam enter the main door. I walked over to the door and could hear the boys arguing;   Liam- Where the hell have you been?   Harry- Im sorry okay I woke up somewhere, I know I should have called   Louis- Harry where is somewhere? do you mean a random girls bed.   Harry- ...maybe.. Harry mumbled this bit and I could tell he had a guilty face.   Liam- Aha oh great so why your out fucking any random girl , you leave my sister in a mess crying her eyes out OVER YOU! and leaving her to try and kill herself!   Harry- WHAT? what the fuck did she do where is she is she okay Liam answer ME!!   I heard Zayn and Sam enter and Zayn mumble something to Sam as he made his way down to my room. Niall had took Rachel out for a date so I couldn't be with my best friend but I was looking forward to spend some time with Sam.     "Madds are you ready , you girls should quickly go and ill deal with this here"   I opened the door and grabbed my bag walking down the hallway. As soon as I entered the front room everyone went quiet and Harry gasped as he saw the cut on my arm when I put my hand up to play with my hair.   "oh Maddy, im so sorry!"   I could see tears forming in Harry's eyes as he sat on the couch with his head in his hands I looked at Zayn for help just wanting to go and cuddle Harry. "   " okay Maddy, Sam don't you need to go somewhere and shop or something"   Zayn smiled at me and winked at Sam.   "yeah we have lots to do are you ready Maddy, we should get going?"   Sam walked over taking me by the arm.   "yeah okay im ready lets go"   I smiled at Liam and Louis before walking out of the door hearing Liam shout as soon as we closed the door;   Liam- See what you have done Harry, for some reason she loves you so much and you know what you don't deserve her, so come on then what was her name?   Harrys Pov:   The argument carried on as soon as she left why wasn't I there to stop her. I hate myself so much!;   Harry- IM SORRY OKAY I KNOW I DON'T DESERVE HER..I don't know her name she was a mistake I was upset I didn't know what I was doing I do Love her Liam I know you don't like it but I LOVE MADDY!   Liam- yeah Love means a lot to you doesn't it Harry if you  loved her you wouldn't have slept with someone else you would have been there to try and make things up with her. YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE TO STOP HER FROM CUTTING HERSELF! How do you think I feel Harry your my best mate and my little sister who's only 15, finding out that Zayn found her in the bathroom with blood everywhere..HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO REACT!   Louis- Okay Liam calm down otherwise someone will end up hurt, and Maddy's actions wont have helped either. He shoot a look at Zayn.   Harry- What, Louis what are you talking about, Zayn?   Liam- what actions she cut herself because of him he caused her more pain!   Louis- Im not talking about her cutting Liam, Im talking about how she acted when she was upset. I saw Zayn.   Zayn- Louis.   I got up walking closer to Zayn.   "What did you do to her?"   I saw the guilty look on his face and clenched my first not sure if I wanted to know what happened.   Zayn- nothing okay it was nothing, I mean it was an accident...we kissed that's all but it was accident and I have Sam and her and She loves you Harry it was nothing I was just there for her so she kissed me.   Harry- She kissed you?   My heart sank and I unclenched my fists and fell to the floor, Liam came and sat beside me.   Liam- Harry, It was only a kiss you slept with someone, your not even together im not angry that you slept with some random girl just that while you was doing that you left my sister cutting herself.   Harry- I know im an idiot Liam, but I love her I didn't know I left her upset I wasn't thinking I needed to forget so I went for a drink.. I know its not an excuse. I just want to talk to her Liam.   He stood up.   "I know mate come on get up we will watch some telly and you can talk to her after I do when she gets back?"   I nodded and let Liam help me up Louis&Zayn going and sitting on the sofa next to me and Liam. Louis said he was going to get some food and beer from the local shop and left leaving Zayn sitting looking guilty still;   Liam- Zayn so what''s going on with you and Sam then?   me- Sure you don't mean Maddy?   Liam elbowed me and shushed me before looking back at Zayn.   Zayn- Well nothing yet but she's a really nice girl I really like her and im Hoping she might stay tonight I wanted to take her out tomorrow.   Liam- Aww thats sweet she does seem like a nice Girl we will have to all have a meal or something and get to know her.   Me: hmm.. Zayn you do know when your in a relationship you can't kiss other girls though right?. I couldn't help still me annoyed at him.   Zayn- Oh I know Harry thats more your style not mine.   I stared at him before putting headphones in and falling asleep on the sofa as I didn't sleep much last night.       Authors note;   Is it bad that I enjoyed writing this chapter I love writing this fanfic and I cant wait for the rest of the chapters to be added. Good News you don't have to wait that long either as Im going to add some more chapters right now!! :) Hope you Enjoyed it!xx   Feedback? :) Thank you all soo much!   <3 Katie :) x
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