Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


13. Good/ Bad Night :/ x


Harrys pov:   I was smiling through through the performance I couldn't help it seeing Maddy stand there her eyes on me the whole time just listening and looking the most happiest I've ever seen her, I just wanted to pull her up on stage and kiss her there in front of everybody to show her how much I really Love her. Then when it got to my chorus I walked over to the side she was standing looked down and sang directly to her;   Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground its hard to tell.   Then thw boys joined in;   You don't know oh oh you don't know your beautiful.   I winked at Maddy before running over the stage to the over side to see the other fans and as the song came to the end I sang the last line with so much passion and new it was the truth for Maddy.   Thats what makes you beautiful.   We made our way off stage waving to everyone and then heading back to the vip box when we got up there the girls were not there, Me and Liam  panicked   "Maybe we should go down there and search"   "No Harry there probably just making there way up they will be fine Maddy can look after herself and Rachel"   Niall patted my back and walked over to the balcony to search the room for the girls Liam started pacing the room   "If any-things happened to her I will"   He didn't finish his sentence because at that moment Maddy and Rachel came walking in Maddy looking a bit upset.   "Baby whats wrong?"   I ran up to her taking her arm and sitting her down.   "Nothing Haz im fine its okay"   "Did someone hurt you, Rachel are you okay?"   Rachel nodded at Harry before Niall came and put his arms around her waist I smiled they looked so good together and they had no complications at all, why couldn't me and Harry be like that?.   "So what happened sis?"   Liam came and bent down in front off me looking me straight in the eyes   "Its nothing okay just some fans were saying some stuff, it's fine other fans stuck up for me I suppose I brought it on myself"   "No! no one ever deserves people being mean to them no matter what they have done don't ever think that Mads!"   Maddys Pov:   It was getting late we had just finished watching the Movie it was amazing , it wouldn't normally be my type because it was about a spy who has to travel the world chasing this suspect who's been stealing things and killing people and in the end the actual person who was behind it all was the spys own brother. Me and Rachel had quite a bit to drink, even though we shouldn't have as we are under age So the boys told us that we should all go home and Me and Rachel should go to bed and sleep it off. Harry come over and took my hand, and Niall took Rachels leading us out towards the exit   "try and act a little sober yeah for the paps and fans and don't let go of my hand"   Harry whispered into my ear tickling my neck with his breath   "shh, you llove it when im drunk styles"   Harry chuckled and smiled.   "I also love it when your sober babes and your going to get me in trouble, come on"   Harry took me by the waist and pulled me out into the cold air where there was still hundreds of fans and paps outside/ we didn't stop to talk to anyone we kept going all the way to the car . We all got in Harry put me on his lap so my head was rested on his shoulder and my legs on top of Zayns lap. Rachel was falling asleep leaning on Niall and he was gently stroking her head I saw him lean down and kiss the top of her head before resting his own head on hers. I closed my eyes not meaning to fall to sleep.   A Little while later I woke by Harry carrying me of the stairs to the apartment   "hey Haz"   I mumbled still half asleep.   "shh go back to sleep Madds im taking you to Rachels room, its better for both of us if you stay there tonight"   I looked up at him confused of what he meant did he mean because I was drunk or because of what happened earlier on, oh I was meant to talk to Liam I cant talk to him drunk I will just have to wait till tomorrow I nodded slowly then closed my eyes again. I woke up at Half 12 Rachel was sitting up in bed on her laptop skyping to her sister Lily, I sat up and sat next to Rachel waving to Lily.   "Hey Maddy!! I Miss you both so much!"   "Aww Hey Lilly  we miss you too but don't worry we both will bring you back so many presents"   I waved goodbye and got up to head to the toilet I could hear all the boys were still in the front room. When I came back out Rachel was off the computer and just looking at me;   "So Maddy, Whats going on with you and Harry?"   "Oh um nothing I mean he told me he loves me, and earlier on we got carried away we nearly- I stopped it from happening"   I looked down and started playing with my hem of my shorts.   "omg! do you regret stopping it from happening?"   "I don't know, I mean I do Love him Rachel but he is 18 im only 15 and Liam if everything went wrong I don't know what I would do, Im so confused, I don't even know if he really loves me because he didn't seem to when he told me he was putting me in your room because it was better for both of us.. Does he not wont to be around me alone any more?"   "No thats not what he meant Madds He probably thought it was better because you were drunk and didn't know what you  were doing and he wouldn't be able to stop himself and because he loves you he wouldn't want to take advantage, Babe I think if you love him don't let anyone get in your way, maybe you should go talk to him now you sobered up a little"   "Okay yeah thanks Rachel your right night"   I gave her a hug as she laid down on her bed and I walked out the room into the front room Zayn and Louis were the only ones awake.   "Hey guys just going to get my teddy from Harrys room cant sleep with out it"   They nodded and mumbled night before going back to the telly, I made my way down to Harry's room not bothering to knock he would probably be a sleep by now anyway, I opened the door and walked in closing it behind me and leaning back on in, I bit my lip hard as all I could see was Harry standing there naked he looked up noticing it was me and grabbed a pair of boxes sliding them on and walking over to me.   "oh, sorry Madds you okay?"   He was right in front off me, something made me not want to talk I put my hand on his waist and pulled him closer to me so I was squashed with the door behind me I leant up and planted a kiss on his lips. I knew it would wind him up and make him want me something in me wanted that and I didn't know how to stop I leant in again and kissed him more with a deeper passion  and pushed him onto the bed so that I was leaning over him. I could hear his deep breaths, I could tell my plan had worked/   "Maddy no stop!"   Harry gently pushed me off of him and stood up pacing his room with his hand behind his head  and his eyes closed. I pushed my self up to the top of the bed and held my knees in my hands " " Harry I don't understand you, I thought you wanted this too?"   " Maddy what you know I do but you told me we can't, you confuse me so much one minute you want this the next your telling me no we shouldn't make your mind up Madds! I can't do this anymore!"   Harrys face turned redder he was getting angry he grabbed his top put it on and grabbed his jeans .   "Harry where are you going?"   I mumbled not knowing whether I should ask .   "Out, okay I need to think just go to bed Maddy"   Harry stormed out leaving the door open I could hear the guys ask what was up as they heard the shouting, I heard Harry mumble "her" and the door slam.    That was it I couldn't do this any more why was he doing this to me? I broke down in tears and run into his bathroom forgetting to lock the door I searched for where Harry hid my blades I found them on the windowsill taking one out I sank to the floor my back leaning on the shower glass door as I sliced my skin with the blade feeling the blood start trickling down my arm, I could have stopped, I should have stopped but instead I pressed down harder the pain made me cry more I dropped the blade and run my other hand through my hair.   When I heard Zayn shout my name he was in the bedroom he must of heard my crying he pushed open the door his face falling and showing pannick not knowing what to do as he run in closing and locking the door behind him, grabbing tissue before soaking it with water and sitting down beside me. He gently took my arm and I winced as he started to gently wipe away the blood from the cut with the tissue.   "Princess why, nothings ever that bad you should have spoke to me"   "I hate arguing with him Zayn I j-just hate it!"   I broke down in more tears mascara running down my face as I did't remember to take it off before bed. Zayn had finished wiping the cut and he  leaned up for more tissue using it to wipe away my tears and mascara.   "come on"   He helped me up unlocking the door and leading me back into the bedroom he placed me on the bed and run back to the bathroom picking up the blade and putting it in tissue and throwing it in the bin. He didn't see the pack on the window sill. He walked in closing the bathroom door and walking over sitting on the bed and Pulling me into him so my head was resting on his shoulder.   "shh princess get some sleep"   I nodded as I heard Zayn start singing;   "Somethings gotta give now, cause im dying just to make you see that I need you hear with me know, cause you've got that one thing.   I woke a few hours later by Liam walking into the room and I heard him talking to Zayn;   "what the fucks gone on here Zayn?"   "Liam calm down its okay they just had an argument and she was upset so I stayed with her to calm her down"   "What the hell did he do to my sister, Zayn is that blood on your t-shirt?"   "ermm okay Liam don't freak out but I found her in the bathroom with a blade"   Zayn faded out the last few words.   "What! he made her that upset he caused her to do that to herself"   Liam stormed out of the room shouting Harrys name I woke up, sat up and looked at Zayn biting my lip I could't deal with another argument.   "Its okay princess I'll go calm him down stay in hear i'll put the telly on for you"   "thank you"   I mumbled Zayn leaned down to kiss the top of my head but I moved to look up and our lips hit each other as a soft gently kiss before he pulled back and smiled at me. He got up off the bed turned the telly on and walked out into the front room.         Authors note; Ohh, Feedback ? Tell me who you think she should be with Harry or Zayn, obviously I know how its going to end but I would like to know who you think is better for Maddy :)   Thank you all so much for the positive comments and for liking and faving this fanfic Please Check out my other fanfics Fight for Love and Drama for Louis! :)    Thank you all <3   <3 Katie x
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