Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


18. Going to Seattle!x


two days later) Maddys  pov:   I woke up, hearing my phone vibrate as I opened my eyes I remembered why I was on the sofa cuddled into Harry with our duvet. Liam was sitting in the kitchen eating his breakfast.   "Morning Maddy"   He whispered seeing me pick up my phone. I mumbled morning back remembering last night. I was finding it hard to sleep and I started to cry thinking of how my dads funeral would be like, Harry woke and heads my sobs so he picked me up and carried me to the front room and walked back picking up our duvet and bringing it Over and putting it on me. He walked over to the kitchen and made two hot chocolates then came back and turned the telly on, sliding Mr beans holiday into the DVD player he walked back and say on the sofa pulling my legs over the top of him and pulling me close with the duvet covering us he sat there holding me and every now and then kissing my head.   " sh baby girl try and sleep, I love you so much your so strong and I'm always going to be here for you"   I remember looking up at him kissing him on the lips and replying I love you to Haz before closing my eyes and falling asleep.    *A few hours later*   "are you going to read that text or just stare at the phone?"   Liam asked coming over and sitting on the sofa opposite bringing me out of my thoughts.   " oh yeah..forgot"   I mumbles and giggled hearth heartily. I saw the message was from my cousin Lucy;   Hey cuz, how are you today can't wait to see you later we all miss you lots, urm your mum will be at the funeral tomorrow they finished questioning her today.  We love you lots and your always welcome to stay here whenever you want! We're looking forward to meeting Liam too uncle Chris would have loved to see us all together but he will be looking down on all of us especially you his beautiful daughter, cya later?xxx   I typed a reply saying thank you and how I was looking forward to seeing them all as I hadn't seem them since like 3 years ago. Harry started to stir sitting up and kissing the top of my head.   " did you sleep okay sweetie?"    " yeah thanks Harry, I wouldn't be able to do this without you, without you all"   It was now half 9 in the morning and the others started to get up Niall coming out and running straight to the kitchen Rachel following him out and coming to sit next to me.   " you okay babe"   She gave me a hug and looked me straight in the eyes.   "yeah I'm f ine I have you lot, I just miss him"    Then Zayn&Sam made there way out holding hands and sitting on the armchair Sam sitting on Zayn's lap as Zayn gently kissed the top of Sams heard and Sam blushed they were so sweet together. Louis came out last running out in his superman onesie.   " morning everyone"   Louis shouted as loud as he could we all chuckled and said together;   "Morning super Lou"   Everyone started to talk at once;   Liam- Has everyone got everything packed?   Everyone nodded their heads.   Me- thanks for coming too guys, I actually don't think I'd be able to do this without you lot! Your like my glue you fix me back together when I'm broken!   Louis- that's the most cheesiest line I've ever heard you say Madds!   Niall- aww that's sweet but were always here for you, hey Liam what times the flight?   Liam- 12 noon so we actually better start getting dressed and ready because it takes nearly and hour to get to the airport.   Me- but when we get there we will have time to get breakfast right?   Harry- careful Madds your starting to sound like Niall!   Everyone chuckled getting up and going off to get dressed Niall came over and out his arm around me.   "sorry Haz, Sorry Rachel but me and Madds are to in love I mean look at her, we have to much in common its like we're meant to be"   I laughed as I pulled Niall in for a hug.   " I love you Niall you know that right your one of the bested friend a girl could ever get!"   Niall laughed and walked off taking Rachels hand and walking off to go get dressed, Liam picking me up and turning me around to face him Harry walking down towards our bedroom leaving me and Liam alone.   "your amazing sis you know they way your dealing with this, I'm so sorry for everything your mum did you don't deserve any of that! And I promise I won't let anyone hurt you again!"   I hugged Liam not knowing what else to say the only thing I could bring out was.   "I love you to  Brother"   Before waking off toward the  Bedroom knocking and entering waking over to the wardrobe and taking a hoodie and a vest top before picking out a  top and a pair of  shorts.   " Harry little tip don't wear anything for really cold weather"   " whys that then"   Harry mumbled in my ear coming behind and taking hold of my waist his mouth close to my ear so I could feel his breathe on me.   " well for the only reason that Seattle can be really hot this time of the year"   I turned around winking at Harry his hands still on my waiste.   " just want to see my body"   I laughed as Harry kissed me and then took my top of taking my vest top out of my hand and putting it over my head.   " Harry I can dress myself you know"   Harry simply chuckled.   "I know but I want to dress you"   Harry walked over sliding on his jack wills jumper and telling me he would take my suitcase and wait in the front too.  Opening the door before walking out and closing it after him . I finished putting on the rest of my clothes picking up my bag and sitting at the dressing table brushing my hair and looking in the mirror.   " I wish you was still here daddy"   I mumbled grabbing my mascara and quickly applying some to my eye lashes and pulling my hair up into a pony tail before putting on my jacket and looking at the time 10:05 am. I sighed as I looked around making sure I packed everything flashing back to the day before I left to go to London my dad coming in and asking if I had everything and talking to me about Liam .   "Maddy are you nearly ready Hun?"   Sam asked knocking on my door, she was like a sister to me know because she was already 16 and new mostly everything about me know.   "yeah I'm coming Sam"   I said grabbing my bag and opening the door to her she took my hand and squeezed it.   " we should get going then"   I nodded as we worked into the front room everyone standing with their coat's and passports the boys taking their suitcases and mine and Sams as well as Rachel. The girls took one of my arms and walked with me out towards the car.   "Maddy I was thinking I know this is a bad Time but I don't think I'll be coming back to London straight  Away, I mean it's My sisters birthday in a week and I think I need to spend some time with my family, I would have stayed but well you have the guys and Sam"    Rachel said nervously I smiled at her.   "hey Rachel it's fine, thank you so much for being here now and when ever you want to come back out just say and I'll fly you out I love you Rachel "   Rachel gave me a hug before sliding into the car Simon had sent to take us to the airport. Once everyone got in Liam sitting one side of me and Harry the other the driver started the car and we began the long trek back to Seattle the place where I was born, the place were my dad brought me up mostly as an only parent, seeing as my mum didn't care or wasn't sober enough.   An hour later and we were all sitting in Starbucks eating cake and drinking coffee,   "Harry what's a funeral actually like I've never been to one before?"   I said nervously everyone came around to join our conversation.   "well they are quite sad you will properly get asked to make a speech or something and just talk about him"   That's when I had an idea I leaned over to whisper In his ear.   "will you help me d o one more surprise for him and everyone at the end of my speech?"   Harry smiled and nodded as I whispered what I wanted him to help me with it was now 11:59 we grabbed our stuff throwing our rubbish in the bins and walking to luggage departure as the women's voice came over loudspeaker.   "will flight 496 to Seattle from heathrow please make there way to gate 11 please"   We walked over to gate 11 showing the women are passports as she nodded at us one by one.    We Took our seats on the plane me and Harry sitting together Liam and Louis behind with Rachel and Niall in front, Sam with Zayn sat opposite me and Harry. It felt good to be with them all like a mini adventure this one moment I didn't want to ever fade I new I'd be nothing without these guys. The voice came over the speakers of the plane.   " okay hey guys this is your captain speaking, if you would all like to belt up and we can get this plane going If there is anything you need then just ask any of the flight attendants walking around, enjoy your flight with Heathrow and I will get you to your destination as on time as I can "   I gripped Harry's hand knowing from when I met him that he didn't like the Take off and landing of the plans he smiled at me and leaned over kissing me just as the plane took off I looked out my window.   ' I'm on my way daddy'   Was the last thing I thought before closing my eyes and falling asleep.             Authors Note;   Hey Guys Feedback? I have more to upload and I will carry on doing so now, please read and comment/like or fav.  I could really do with some comments on what you like or dislike, or what you want more off as I only have a few more chapters that have already been written. Ill have to finish it myself.   anyway Thank you all so much, I hoped you enjoyed reading and stay tuned for the next chapter :)     <3 Katie :) x  
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