Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


25. #GetWellSoonMaddy! <3 x


Maddys Pov;   The boys stood there just looking at me as if they hadn't actually heard me, I looked at Liam to see him staring at the floor.   "Maddy, how do you know I don't think you do"   I braced myself for an argument;   me- I do no Harry. Louis told me okay and its stupid for you two to be arguing about it. So just make up now!   Liam- Maddy please lets just stop talking about this I don't want any arguments today.   Me- No Liam we have to talk to sort this out.   Harry turned to Louis.   "why the hell did you tell her for, who's side are you on?"   Louis went pale.   "Sorry Harry i thought she deserved to know Zayn's her friend to"   Sam walked over to Zayn.   "I don't get it, whats going on?"   "What does she know that we don't?"   Liam walked over and hissed at me giving me the toast.   "Thanks Madd, you should go into a different room stress is bad for your baby"   I huffed putting the plate on the table.   "Im not Hungry and then the poor baby because that's all I have been, even before I new I had it"   I looked to Zayn to see him with his head in his hand,   "SHUT UP ALL OF YOU OKAY JUST SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE"   We all Looked at Zayn shocked. I could see confusion and anger in his eyes.   "Look Harry im sorry okay I know I shouldn't have said anything I shouldn't have broke down how I did"   Harry threw a glass at the wall, glass going everywhere.   "You Shouldn't have had them feelings anyway!"   I couldn't control my tears I didn't think it would go like this why couldn't they just be best friends again. Sam walked over to Harry  bending down next to him.   "What feelings Harry?"   I could see her eyes cloud over as she looked at him then me and then back at Zayn. Harry was on the floor his head in his hands I could hear him sobbiing quietly I went and sat next to him.   "Im sorry Harry I just want to make everything better I want things to go back to normal I don't wont to keep hurting you all. Were just friends you know that"   Sam gasped standing up as if she just properly understood.   "Oh God please don't tell me that, all this time we've been together you and her?"   Zayn walked over to her taking her hand.   "No Sam please its not like that me and her are nothing but friends, the whole things got out of hand I just use to have feelings for her but there gone I..Love you"   Sam moved away from him shaking her head.   "I cant do this"   She grabbed here coat and keys before walking straight out the door we heard her talking to someone on her way down. Zayn walked over to Harry.   "You had to say things like that when she's here, we could have sorted this out"   Harry stood up clenching his fist.   "No Zayn, we can never sort this out because its always going to be in my head, whenever your with her that maybe, I don't even want to finish that sentence your meant to be my best friend YOU MAKE ME SICK"    They were now face to face anger in both of them.   "Guys stop"   Liam took my arm pulling me up from the floor and telling me to sit on the sofa Harry pushed Zayn against the wall with his hand around his throat to keep him there , not strangling him thought because he was still hissing something at Harry.   Just then Simon came flying in through the door.   "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?"   He saw Harry's fist go flying but ran and pulled Harry away before it hit Zayn. He looked towards me.   "Is this your thought miss Payne?"   Simon Sighed before telling the boys to sit on different sofas.   "Right were going to deal with this without violence okay?"   The boys mumbled yes and looked at the ground Harry looking straight at me and mouthing Sorry. I was going to nod but before I could do anything I felt a sharp pain in my Belly I moaned holding my tummy, the pain making the tears in my eyes just keep flowing I saw The boys all stand up and come rushing over before I closed my eyes.   Hearing the pannick in their voices.   "Maddy, Maddy what's wrong"   Harry's voice why couldn't I open my eyes I heard Liam's voice the last thing.   "Its the baby it has to be Simon call an ambulance"   I heard Leah come running towards me, Harry pulling her away as she screamed. I forget she was here she must have seen everything how scared she must be. The next time I woke up I was in a white bed, the pain still there every now and then.   I looked to my left seeing Liam asleep and all these machines telling me different things like my heart rate and to my right I could see Harry staring at a word search with a sad look on his face.  There was a drip going into me they were giving me blood ..why? What had happened, I started to worry the baby? I pushed myself up wincing at the pain Harry looking up.   "oh your awake hey baby"   I put my hand on my belly as Harry slapped his head noticing what he had said Liam woke up startled.   "Maddy your awake"   He jumped up pressing a button .. I looked at Harry knowing he couldn't lie to me.   "Harry..what happened?..the baby?"   He took my hand putting the word search down,   "Im so Sorry Maddy its all my fault"   I took a deep breathe before letting the tears come, I didn't want to talk to anyone I wanted them gone I wanted to be in my room at Laura's with my headphones in and duvet over me away from the world.   "no..cant go both of you please just go"   I took my hand out of Harry's and turned over pulling the duvet over me and hiding my face in the pillow. I heard all the boys come rushing in with a nurse as Liam and Harry stood up.   "Maddy I can't leave you, you can't shut me out now"   I could hear the pain in his voice I know he was hurting to but It was my baby, I was the one that was carrying it not him. I heard the nurse telling the boys they should wait outside and heard her pulling the blinds. I turn't around to see Sam standing there, I sighed I didn't no Sam was a nurse. Why didn't I notice her voice she smiled at me.   "Please don't be nice I don't deserve it"   She chuckled a bit coming and sitting next to me taking my hand.   "How are you feeling Maddy, any pain?"   "some in my belly but mostly in my heart I feel empty I can't believe my babys gone why did it happen?"   I pushed myself up looking into her eyes the dark patches around her eyes showed she been up all night, I looked at the clock 10:30am, had I been unconscious the whole night?   "It wasn't your fault Maddy it wasn't anyone's these things just happen sometimes, but your going to need Harry and all the boys and Me and Danielle with you at this time you can't do it alone it will just eat you up. I know believe me"   I sighed.   "I cant though can I, I messed everything up again"   She shook her head.   "You haven't, Me and Zayn have been talking, he told me everything and its going to be hard but we decided to be friends for now un till we can get back on track, and i'm always going to be here for you just like they are babe"   I smiled at least thats some good news.   "There I was thinking you were going to get revenge by being my nurse, and Zayn and Harry?"   She laughed.   "No I don't do revenge Karma does it for me, and there working on it Simon's working with them but you could help because there going to be running after you so just get them doing things together it will work"   I nodded thinking about this.   "Are you ready for them to come back in Madd?"   I picked up my phone.   "Yeah I guess"    She got up letting go of my hand and going over to the door.   "Okay she's ready to see you know"   "All of us?"   I smiled as I heard Danielles voice, Sam nodded as she walked back over to me pulling out more chairs as they all came walking through the door the people that was going to get me through this. Niall came walking in with a balloon and some chocolates.   "Hey princess how you feeling" I laughed.   "You always ask the most rubbish questions Niall, thank you"   He walked over placing my chocolates on the side planting a kiss on my head Louis walked over taking a photo of me and typing something out on his phone I unlocked my phone as I heard it buzz pulling up twitter noticing Louis tweet;   At the hospital #GetWellSoonMaddy were all hear for you princess your not alone #RipBabyPayne xx   I re-tweeted the post closing my phone and looking up at him.   "Thanks Lou do I get a hug?"   He smiled walking over and leaning down giving me a soft hug minding not to lean on my tummy, Harry stood in the corner looking at me not knowing what to do. Liam came and sat beside me.   "Your going to be in a bit of pain for a few days so just rest but in an hour or two you can go home"   Sam said kissing the top of my head.   "and ill be over later once I've finished my shift"   I nodded.   "Thanks Sam"   I saw Zayn walk over to Harry hoping they weren't going to start again they talked for a few minutes before looking at me and shaking hands they walked over to me.   "Maddy, Laura took Leah home but she said they will be back over as soon as your out"   Zayn's voice was gruff, it sounded like he had been crying to.   "Maybe you should get some sleep Madd you look tired"   Harry whispered planting a kiss on my lips.   "I Love you"   I smiled at all the boys before turning to Liam.   "Bad things happen for a reason right?"   He nodded before I closed my eyes and listened to the boys clowning around and having Banter, as I started a dream of how things could have been. With the boys friends again, everything back to normal..but with my baby instead of having a hollow feeling in my heart.         Authors note;   Hope you enjoy please can i have some feeback? I have more to upload and maybe add some more tonight, depends on my other stories and my Imagines :) Enjoy   Thank you for the comments/likes and fav's   <3 Katie :) x 
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