Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


23. Does Maddy ruin everything? :/ x

Maddys Pov;

The flight lasted forever I just wanted to tell Harry I was sorry and for everything to go back to normal but I new I couldn't do that I was leaving for him for all of the boys, its the best for everyone. We had all just got of the plane and was heading over to collect our luggage, Leah still holding my hand watching all the paps taking pictures of us all she let go of my hand and ran to Harry "Harry, when will I see you again" He turned around picking her up and walking her over to me, with paps still taking pictures He looked at me for a while and closed his eyes pushing back tears he put her down next to me and bent down "you will always be my little princess Leah, I promise I will come see you soon he kissed her cheek before standing up and taking my hand in his "I will always love you Madds" I took my hand out of his picked Leah up and walked away. I walked away how stupid am I? The paps went mental taking pictures and asking questions like "Harry whats happened? are you not with Maddy anymore?" "Maddy do you know longer love Harry" I wiped tears from my eyes and met up with Laura putting Leah down and taking her suitcase with mine. I saw the rest of the boys standing staring at me as Liam ran over "Maddy where are you going, Whats wrong?" "Liam im sorry okay I love you all, Im going to stay with Laura for a little while help her settle in im sorry" He looked at me his voice stern "No Maddy whats Harry done, you cant both act like that in public then not tell me, Im your brother!"...I looked to the floor and sighed "Liam please not here" "Yes here Maddy because your not going to tell me otherwise I need to know what he has done, Why are you leaving" Louis came walking over as Liam pleaded me to tell him, he was fighting back tears "please Madds I don't want to lose you I promised Dad Id look after you" "Liam STOP! really want to know...then fine Im pregnant okay!" I saw Liam clench up anger in his face "WHAT" He turned away from me and slowly walked away, an interviewer must have heard because people started shouting questions and paps writing in not pads I looked to Laura I just wanted to get out of here, I went to walk away but I heard the boys calling Liam shouting no I looked back to see Liam walking up to Harry angry look in his eyes Harry confused. I couldn't breathe I ran to them standing in the middle of them "Liam Stop leave him alone";
Harry- Maddy what's going on?
Liam- Don't give me that Styles, you slept with my sister after everything we said at the beginning of this!
Harry- Maddy? I don't understand is that why your leaving?
Me- Please Liam leave it just not here please!
Liam- Don't you get it Harry, Dizyy, being Sick, bellyache , have fun on Farther's day. Harry moved out from behind me to turn me around and it all happened so quickly Liam clenched his fist and directly hit Harry in the face before he walked of grabbing his suitcase and going out of the airport and getting into a taxi, Zayn and Niall running after him and Louis coming over to Harry, I pulled a tissue out of my pocket and put it on Harrys lip that was bleeding "Harry, Im so sorry I didn't want to tell you here just Liam kept pushing" He pushed my hand away and put his hands around my waist "Your pregnant Madds?" I nodded as I saw him smile and gently kiss my lips he winced a bit at the pain and we heard the paps all cheering I moved myself away from Harry "no Harry, im 15 this isn't a good thing, Im not going to stay and cause trouble with you all I've already done that without meaning to its the only thing I didn't want to do I turned around and headed towards the airport door Laura and Leah following behind hearing Harry calling my name I just kept walking.

I was now sitting in Laura's flat with Leah on my lap, I was in my pj shorts and one of Harry's jumpers I switched the telly on and the first thing I saw on the news was me and Harry on the screen followed by a picture of Liam hitting Harry words flashing on and off the screen "Brother fight? no bromance?" "Styles is a Daddy!" "Is Haddy over?" I sighed as I switched the telly over to cartoons for Leah, Haddy was the name the fans gave us I was no longer Haddy I was Maddy. I had just sent Laura over to the boys house to collect all my stuff Harry had called me about 7 times already but I just left it ringing praying that he would just stop and get the message I got up and walked over to the kitchen getting myself a glass of water and taking some pain killers for my head when I heard a knock on the front door I walked over and opened it seeing Louis standing there "Can I come in then?" I smiled and moved out the way closing the door after him but looking around to see if he was with anyone "Harry didn't come he thought you didn't want to see him, seeing as you aren't answering his calls" I nodded and bit my lip looking at him I sank to the floor leaning on the door my head in my hands I felt Louis come and sit next to me he put his arm around me and pulled me into a hug "Shh Madds its okay" "Its not Louis I've messed up everything,by acting like a slag and now Harry and Liam are arguing and for some reason Harry is arguing with Zayn and I don't know why" I heard him sigh "Harry and Liam are making up babes okay there talking now Laura sat them down to talk to them, and Madds you didn't act like a slag okay your nearly 16 its life, these things Happen" He stood up and put his hand out pulling me up and walking me over to the sofa and sitting me down he walked over to a bag he brought with him taking out a bar of chocolate he walked over and handed it to me "Chocolate makes everything better" He sat in-between me and Leah, Leah cuddling up to him "I love you uncle Lou" She said as he put his arm around her and tickled her. "Thanks brother Lou" I said stinking my tongue out at him as he smirked and nicked some of my chocolate;
Me- So you never said whys Harry and Zayn fighting?
Louis- ohh, umm just something he said when we found out you was going to your mums.
Me- what did he say it can't have been that bad?
Louis- Maddy, he said that before you got with Harry,he said he had feelings for you.
Me- What!! Zayn? but we have always been just close friends
Louis- Its okay Madds they will make it up he has Sam now and maybe it was the kiss you both shared?
Me- Maybe, hey Louis would you look after Leah for a little while un till Laura comes back I feel dizzy and need a lay down. He nodded as I got up and walked over to the spare bedroom that was now mine I laid on the bed picking up my phone as it started ringing I looked at the caller Id to see Harrys name I sighed as I decided to answer the phone;
Harry- Maddy is that you, have you answered it please don't hang up we need to talk.
Me- Harry I have said everything that needs to be said
Harry- No please Maddy I want this to work me and Liam have been speaking He isn't mad at me or you he just wants us to be Happy and wants to protect you, so do I but how can I do that with you staying away from me.
Me- Harry we just need some space okay I haven't decided whether to keep it or not and I need space to think
Harry- What you cant get rid of it Maddy please it's mine to just please, can I come round tomorrow we can talk about it please I love you Maddy I don't want to live without you I cant.
Me- Not tomorrow Harry Im having a girl day with some of my friends, maybe in a few days I just need some time apart Im sorry bye Harry.
I hung up hearing his voice so sad and desperate what was I doing to him this was the most hardest thing I have ever had to do, and did Zayn still like me I mean before the funeral the look in his eyes when we were talking I was so sure we were just best friends but what if he did want more, but then Sam he wouldn't hurt her like that He loved her didn't he? I closed my eyes as I new I would have to talk to Zayn and turned on my music on my phone falling asleep to my Dads voice.

Authors note;
Sorry I've uploaded form my IPod again so it might be squashed up together :( feedback and thanks for reading your all amazing

<3 Katie x
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