Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


15. Bonding time with Sam! :) x


Maddy Pov:   Me and Sam were sitting in Nando's we had just finished spending nearly 2 hours shopping we bought a few dresses and some Hoddie's and jeans for ourselves and now I was treating her to lunch;   me- So you and Zayn, your both so sweet together   Sam- Aww thanks I really like him he is so sweet and good looking, it feels like a dream to be here now.   me- Dreams do come true babe, I think he really Loves you, he wants to impress you, and I don't blame him your a lovely girl he would be dumb not to fall for you.   Sam-  thanks, if it helps I think Harry does love you too you know, Zayn told me everything and I heard them arguing, just he looked really upset when he found out what you did he does care you know.   I was going to reply but the waiter brought our food over I said thanks and then went back to the conversations;   me- yeah, I guess its just how do I know he wont do that if we were together and then I have to think about the boys about Liam, Its not that I don't Love Harry.   Sam- hmm.. Maybe you just need to talk to Harry and talk to Liam too see if you can get him to be happy for you and allow it then you might not feel to guilty about loving Harry but I think if you love him you should risk being with to make both of you happy.   me- Yeah I guess anyway enough bout me and Harry, I want to know more about you, any siblings?   Sam- Nope just be and my mum&Dad at home, im actually saving up for my own place but I don't see it happening soon got to look for a job too.   Me- hmm little tip don't look for a place of your own, I have a feeling that you will just end up living with us anyway, do you have any pets?   Sam- yeah I have a cat called snowbell, how about you do you have any siblings?   Me- Nope just me, well I thought anyway, till I found liam, so it's just my parents back at home.. but pays of with my parents seeing as they are quite rich so being the only kid at home im quite spoilt really, thats how I was able to get out here to find Liam.   Sam- Oh really? so where did you live before you travelled here?   Me- I lived in America a place called Seattle, Its really different from here actually I miss it quite a lot but id rather be here than there with my m-mum and Dad.   Sam- oh, Maddy are you okay, You never talk about your mum? im sorry I don't mean to be nosy.   Me- Hey no its fine erm just I haven't even told the boys this but my mum, well she gets drunk a lot and when my dad is not there I get all her anger I suppose she tells me its my thought that im the reason everything goes wrong, when she is the reason that I first started cutting, but she never does it when my dads there. He protects me he is the parent that actually cares, please don't saying anything to anyone?   Sam- Of course I wouldn't, don't worry its horrible that she would do that to you, do you ever need to go back? you could just stay here and live with the boys forever?   Me- I don't know because of school and that im only meant to be here for 9 weeks and I will miss my dad.   An hour later and me and Sam are making are way back to the apartment with all our shopping bags and a dvd. Also a bag of sweets and stuff to eat while watching it after I've spoke to the boys of course. As soon as me and Sam got through the door the boys all stood up and came over to the door, Zayn taking Sam's bags and taking her hand leading her over to the sofa telling her how much he had missed her and wanted a hug. Louis taking my bags and looking at the things I bought, Niall and Rachel coming out of the bedroom. Niall running over and taking the food bag Rachel standing frowning at me I took it they had been filled in on what happened. Harry standing next to me looking guilty not knowing what to say .   "Hey Liam I think we need to talk first"   I looked down and started to play with my hoddie straps   "Yeah come on"   I followed Liam through to his room after putting my Bag down and Louis taking my phone, I had no idea what he was planning. I walked in and sat down on Liams bed;   Liam- What made you do it sis?   Me- just everything Liam, I love him and just everything he said just pushed me to the edge I didn't want to do it any more I couldn't.   Liam- What was the argument about?   Me- I came on to him, Im not going to Lie Liam and he pushed me away he started shouting saying I needed to make up my mind and that he loved me but I confused him one minute I wanted us to work and the next I didn't.   Liam- and know, I mean do you want use two to work?   Me- of course I do Liam but it wouldn't would it you said so yourself and if you wouldn't like it then im not going to because I can't lose you just as much as I can't lose Harry.   Liam- Maddy..I have thought about this a lot lately and If you want to be with Harry im not going to stop you I just I wanted to protect you from getting to hurt, but in a way im causing that more so if you love him be with him. Im always going to be here for you just be careful sis    Me- Liam.. I love you so much, Thank you! I want to make it work with him I am willing to forget about him sleeping with that random girl because it didn't matter we weren't together.   Liam nodded and I stood up and cuddled him before we opened the door and walked back out to join the others seeing Rachel&Sam over in the Kitchen pouring drinks and snacks into bowls, Sam winked at me as I came out and I gave her a smile to show that I had spoke to him about Harry. I walked over to the sofa Harry was sitting on. Harry looked up.   "Can we talk Harry?"   He bit his lip and slowly nodded standing up and following me into his room He closed his door before he started talking;   Harry- Maddy im soo sorry I love you so much you know that right?   Me- Harry I love you too and its me that should be sorry you were right I needed to make up my mind and I needed to talk to Liam before I say this so I new I wouldn't be hurting anyone, but if you want to I want to make us work Harry I wont to call you mine and be able to hug and Kiss you whenever I want.   Harry- Really? Maddy I love you so much of course I want us to work to your my girl and you always will be but I cant help feeling guilty knowing that I caused you to cut I caused you to hurt yourself and the one thing I always want to do is protect you!   Me- I know but you can protect me know Harry please just forget about today I just want to be with you, I cant be away from you it hurts much more.   I walked closer to Harry and put my hands round his waist giving and he put his arms around me pulling me into a hug.   " I love you"   He whispered into my ear I looked up and kissed him on the lips.   "I Love you too Styles!"   I took his hand and lead him back into the front room sitting him down on the sofa and sitting next to him.   "This wont do Payne"   Harry pulled me onto his lap and whispered into my ear.   "how should we let them know, shall we just tell them or show them"   I giggled and leant in,   "show them I think"   Harry put his hand on my face and looked into my eyes for a while then we both leaned forward and our lips met for a very passionate kiss. I pulled back after a while and opened my eyes facing forward and resting my head on Harry's shoulder seeing all the others with a Smile on there faces and Liam looking at us smiling but looking a bit uncomfortable.   "So what film we watching then?"   Niall came over and gave us both a drink Harry a beer and me a WKD.   "Thanks Horan"   "were going to watch Marley&Me"   Sam answered my question and smiled.   "oh no im going to be crying again by the end of the night"   "Don't worry baby I'll wipe your tears away, we don't mind if you cry"   Harry laced his fingers through mine holding my hand and kissing the top of my head.   "Its okay Hazz I bet you end up crying to".   By the end of the film me, Rachel&Sam were left crying.   "Why did the dog have to die?"   I mumbled into the pillow that was on my lap the boys laughed at me.   "Dont laugh Tomlinson you cried at Bambi!"   Louis went red in the cheeks.   "yeah it was sad"   I looked over to Sam and Zayn noticing they were holding hands and Sam had her head on his shoulder;   Zayn- Sam do you want to stay here tonight because its late now, but I can drive you home if you want?   Sam- I would love to stay babe, plus I think you have drunk to much to drive.   Zayn smiled and they both stood up and announced they were heading of to bed, it was now half 11 Liam stood up to.   "yeah im going to head to bed too im going running tomorrow morning so night guys, Night Rachel, Night Sam"   He walked over to me and gave me a hug.   "Night sis"    "Night Harry we will talk tomorrow yeah?"   Harry nodded and my brother walked over to his room to go to bed.   "Were going to go to bed too night Harry night Maddy"   Rachel whispered as her and Niall headed of to there bedroom. Louis decided he was going to go skype his sisters so me and Harry decided we would just go to bed too we said goodnight to Louis and walked into Harry's room. I closed the door and walked over picking shorts and a vest top to wear.   "mm your really going to wear that?"   Harry mumbled looking me up and down.   "Calm it now Styles"   I said climbing into bed watching Harry take his top and jeans off and climbing into bed in his boxers He pulled my close and put his arm around me.   "Night Baby girl I love you"   "I Love you to"   He kissed my head and I put my head on his chest falling asleep to him singing;   Isn't she lovely,  Isn't she wonderful, Isn't she precious, Less than one minute old, I never thought through love we'd be,  Making one as lovely as she,  But isn't she lovely made from love.         Authors note;   Thank you soo much for reading, another chapter will be up soon :) please continue with feedback :)x   your all amazing thank you so much!!xoxo   <3 Katie :) x
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