Butterfly Fly Away

This is the first book in a mini series I'm making. The books are going to be short but they'll be a few of them. Madison is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. She is 19 years old and sings and dances a lot. She is best friends with all the non-famous one direction lads. When she gets the chance of a lifetime which means she has to move far away from her family and friends will she take it?


7. The Next Morning

When we got there Mum was so happy to see me and asked what the occasion was for my visit. How did she know there was one? We all had a huge homecooked meal for dinner then I stood up to tell them.


M: I am moving

J: My baby is moving?

M: Yes. I am moving to Ireland.

J: What for?

M: Mum, I was getting to that. I got accepted to the best music university in Ireland!

J: I am so happy for you.

M: and Louis has something to tell you too.

J: He does?

LT: Yes I do. I got accepted by the same branch but in the London franchise.

J: Oh my goodness! My two babies got accepted to the best music university!


She got up and me and Louis got squashed into a hug with mum and our sisters. After the hug was over it was time for me to go home so I told Louis and he took me home and he stayed the night to help me pack. It's so close to that time now. I don't want to leave Zayn behind! I woke up to my phone ringing. It was Zayn. I picked it up.


*on phone*

M: Good Morning

Z: Morning. I just wanted to tell you that I don't want you to leave tomorrow.

M: Zayn, its too late and I forgot to tell you yesterday that I got a letter for you.

Z: A letter?

M: From the university

Z: What does it say?

M: Do you want me to read it to you or do you want me to give you it personally?

Z: I want to open it myself if thats alright.

M: Sure, just come over.

Z: I'm on my way.


About ten minutes later he was here. I handed him the letter and watched as he opened it. His face lit up so it must be good.



M: We already knew that, Zayn.

Z: I mean I got into the Mullingar franchise!



He handed me the letter and he had told me correctly.


M: Where are you going to go?

Z: The Mullingar franchise!

M: Oh my gosh! I won't be leaving you!

Z: We can stay together!

M: Together?

Z: I meant in the same place.

M: Oh.

Z: Why?

M: It doesn't matter?

Z: You like me, don't you?

M: Sort of....Fine! I like you!

Z: I like you too! Will you go out with me?

M: Of course I will!


Then he gave me a peck on the lips. I just had what I hope is my LAST FIRST KISS.

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