Butterfly Fly Away

This is the first book in a mini series I'm making. The books are going to be short but they'll be a few of them. Madison is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. She is 19 years old and sings and dances a lot. She is best friends with all the non-famous one direction lads. When she gets the chance of a lifetime which means she has to move far away from her family and friends will she take it?


5. The Acceptance Letters

1D: WHAT?!

M: I'm sorry guys but I only found out this morning through the post.

N: When do I need to go then?

M: Niall, I'm so sorry but you have to come in 5 days too.

1D: Why?

M: I don't know.


Then I started sobbing so Niall gave me a hug and whispered into my hair that it wasn't my fault.


Z: I just realised something....

M: W-w-what?

Z: That's the day after our birthday so we get to celebrate our 20th birthday together before you go.

M: Isn't that going to make our 20th birthday a bit of a bummer though?

Z: No. We'll think of all the happy things not the sad.


As he said that after wiping my tears away I ran around the table and gave him a huge hug.


M: I promise that I will try and come back over here for everyones birthdays

N: I will too. Other then mine obviously. You have to visit me then.

M: At least I still have Niall there with me.


Then I ran back to Niall and sat down while having yet another Horan hug. You can never have enough of those Horan hugs.


N: We'll both miss you loads

LT: Us lot will miss you guys too especially me. My little sister is all grown up.

M: They sometimes transfer people from locations so one of you might be transferred to ours.

Z: I won't get my hopes up

M: I didn't mean just you, Zayn. Any of you could. I forgot. I have all your letters with me.

N: Can we read them?

M: Yes sure. Here you go.


Then I handed everyone their letters. I had a re-read over mine it said:


Dear Miss Madison Katie Tomlinson,

We are very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the Mullingar Franchise of Future Star Music University and we are very glad to inform you that we are granting you the pocession of a full scholorship. You are expected to leave London on the 13th January 2013 so you have plenty of time to settle in before the new semester starts on 11th February. You can either pay to live in one of the university flats or live outside the university. Congratulations once again on all your achievements.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Sanderson

Headmistress of Future Star Music University, Mullingar


M: Guys are you happy about this?

N: I am. Oh by the way, Madison, I phoned my mum and she says you can live with me.

M: Thanks Nialler but I thought that I was getting a university flat. Won't I be intruding if I live with you?

N: No, of course not. You're always welcome at my house.

M: Harry, we'll try and come back for your birthday.

H: Thanks

LT: When its yours and Zayn's 21st what will we do?

Z: We can go to Ireland.

M: We are going to Doncaster in the morning and Bradford after lunch. Is that ok, Zayn?

Z: Yeah. That's great!


Then we had our lunch and since it was a half day that day we were allowed out when period 5 would normally start. We all went to Zayn's house.

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