Butterfly Fly Away

This is the first book in a mini series I'm making. The books are going to be short but they'll be a few of them. Madison is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. She is 19 years old and sings and dances a lot. She is best friends with all the non-famous one direction lads. When she gets the chance of a lifetime which means she has to move far away from her family and friends will she take it?


6. Teaching The Lads To Dance

We had loads of fun. We had a black ops tournament and I obviously won. We left at about 5 so I could get home and grab my stuff just before dance class. It's street dance tonight so I put on a white vest top, a red crop top that says 'let's do this!' on it, some sweatpants and my white dance trainers. I quickly brushed my dark brown hair and put it in a ponytail. When I looked at the clock as soon as I was dressed it was 5:15 so I had just enough time to get there before dance class started at 5:30. I got there at about 5:28 so just on time. I told the teacher (Vicky) that it was my last street dance class today since I was moving. She nodded and told me that she hoped I enjoyed my last lesson. We put on 'Just Dance' by Lady Gaga. I love the dance we do to this. In the middle of it the door opened and guess who came in! All the lads! They saw me and smiled so I smiled back. As soon as the song finished I ran over to them.

M: What are you doing here?

Z: We knew it was your last lesson today and we are doing it until my semester starts

N: Except me. I wanted to just spend more time with you.

M: Aw Guys

V: Hello. Welcome. Madison will show you all the dance while I teach the rest a new dance.

Z: Alright.

M: Vicky, can we use the seperate studio please?

V: Yes, of course


Then she gave us the keys and walked off. So we walked to the other studio and I opened the door. We all stepped inside and then I put on 'Poker Face' They all got the dance really easy considering they claimed they couldn't dance. It took about half-an-hour to get the dance down. Vicky came in after about an hour of the whole lesson

V: I thought to check on you.

M: We've done it

V: Can I watch then?

M: Ready guys?

N: Yeah!

M: 5, 6, 7, 8


Then they did the dance perfectly and Vicky gave them a standing ovation.


V: That was amazing! Madison, you should be a dance teacher.

M: That's not all. I choreographed a dance and taught it to them. It took me half an hour to teach each one.

V: Impressive. Can they please perform it?

M: Do you wanna show her guys?

LT: I think we should show her the dance my little sis choreographed.


Then I pressed play and 'Marry You' by Bruno Mars filled the room.


M: Guys, 5, 6, 7, 8


Then they did the dance I choreographed and Vicky loved it. You should've seen the look on her face.


V: I am literally blown away. You choreographed that yourself?

M: Yep. That is all mine.

V: The moves fit the song perfectly. It was like a dream. Can I use that dance?

M: As long as everyone knows I made it. Promise?

V: I promise.

M: These are witnesses so you can't break that promise.

V: Come back to lesson now since we only have 30 minutes left and we can say goodbye.

M: Alright. Come on guys.


After I had locked the door to where we were we headed back to the main studio and when we got inside everyone ran up and said goodbye. We did my favourite dance and had a little party and as soon as 7:30 came everyone was in tears except me and the lads. I waved goodbye and got in Louis' car to head towards his house back in Doncaster so we could tell our mum the great news. I wonder how mum and my sisters are all going to react to me moving....

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