Butterfly Fly Away

This is the first book in a mini series I'm making. The books are going to be short but they'll be a few of them. Madison is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. She is 19 years old and sings and dances a lot. She is best friends with all the non-famous one direction lads. When she gets the chance of a lifetime which means she has to move far away from her family and friends will she take it?


8. Meeting Perrie

This is it. The day that my life changes for good. Since we are leaving for Mullingar at noon Niall is staying at my house. I couldn't sleep all last night which is actually good because this morning at 2am my phone started ringing and since it was Zayn I answered it but I think he butt-dialed me because all you could hear was kissing and Zayn saying some girl's name. Zayn is cheating on me so this morning at 7am I marched up to Zayn's door and banged on the door. He opened the door and I asked to speak to him privately. This girl came down the stairs and looked shocked to see me.


M: Your little girlfriend is here is she?

Z: What?!

M: Zayn, you butt-dialed me last night.

Z: Damn it!

M: Zayn, We are done

P: Done? Were you two dating?

M: I'm sorry to say yes. What's your name?

P: Perrie

M: Perrie I'm sorry to disturb you. He's all yours now.

P: ZAYN! You were cheating on me?!

Z: No....

M: He's lying and Zayn, the Mullingar letter of yours was a fake.

Z: What?! It was a fake?

M: Yes but you wouldn't have wanted to leave your girlfriend here anyway. Nice to have met you Perrie.

P: I'd love to be friends, Madison

M: How do you know my name?

P: Zayn mentioned you

M: Oh. I would too but I leave for Ireland in 5 hours so I may never see you again.

P: I just added you on Facebook and Twitter

M: Awesome. See you, Perrie. Goodbye Zayn.


As I turned to leave Zayn grabbed hold of my wrist and dragged me in the house. He told me that I am not going anywhere without him. What a creep. I screamed Niall's name at least 5 times before he covered my mouth. About 3 hours later Niall saved me from Zayn and we literally jumped into my car and started driving to the airport. Zayn started chasing the car screaming 'MADISON! WE NEED TO TALK!'

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