Haunted. 15+

Ally and her boyfriend Louis Tomllinson of One Direction moves into an old house in a small town. The first day Ally sees someone in one of the windows. She thought to herself that she was just tired. She walks into the bedroom and sees that the mirror has a huge gash. She slides her finger over it and cuts her finger. She want Louis to look at it but when Louis is looking at the mirror there is no gash. She was sure that it was there just two minutes ago. Louis says that she's probably just tired. But strange things begins to happen in the house. Ally and Louis have no idea what's about to happen to them. Will the 'person' in the house hurt them? Will anyone believe them? The big question is will they survive?! Read to find out!:) .xx


5. I love Louis!

Ally's POV.

Harry just told me that he loves me. "I'm sorry Harry. I love you too but like a brother not as in a boyfriend way." I said. I could see that Harry didn't like it. He wasn't used to get rejected by girls. But I can't love him. I love Louis and I always will.

"But Ally-" I cut him of.

"Not buts Harry I can't. Louis is the love of my life." I said. I could see the sadness in his green eyes. He slowy came closer and traped me between him and the wall. I tried to push him away but he was to strong. He crashed his lips on mine and just when I couldn't think of any way that this would get any worse Louis walked in of the frontdoor.

"ALLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" He screamed.

"Louis look it's not what it looks like!" I said. The tears started to form in my eyes.

"Yeah sure. You're not kissing with my best friend while I'm at the hospital?!" He said. A tear rolled down his cheek.

"I DIDN'T KISS HIM LOUIS!!! He kissed me!" I said. The tears were flowding down my cheeks. Louis walk over in Harry's direction and punched him right below his eye.

"What the hell?!" Harry said.

"You kissed my girlfriend!" Louis said with anger in his voice.

"I'm sorry mate. I deserved that!" Harry said and gave Lou a hug. "I'm so sorry Boo-Bear." He said and Lou playde with Harry's brown curls while they hugged. They're so cute.

"Sorry for the black eye." Louis said and gave him a little smile.

"What?!" Harry said walked over to the mirror. "It's okay mate. I deserved it." He said and gave Lou another hug.

"Ally I'm so sorry!" Harry said and walked over to me and hugged me.

"I forgive you Harold." I said and hugged him back. He gave me a warm smile. The other lads walked in of the frontdoor.

Group-hug!!" The other lads screamed. Suddenly I was sorounded by five boys all hugging me. I love the feeling of being loved. My phone suddenly rang. I looked at the display. *UNKOWN* I picked it up.

"Hallo who is it?" I asked. I didn't believe what I just heard. I fell on my knees crying out loud.

"What happened?!" Lou asked while sitting on the floor hugging me.

"M-my p-parrents they w-were in a car accident..... They didn't make it." I said crying into Louis' chest. He storke my hair back and kissed my forehead.



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