Haunted. 15+

Ally and her boyfriend Louis Tomllinson of One Direction moves into an old house in a small town. The first day Ally sees someone in one of the windows. She thought to herself that she was just tired. She walks into the bedroom and sees that the mirror has a huge gash. She slides her finger over it and cuts her finger. She want Louis to look at it but when Louis is looking at the mirror there is no gash. She was sure that it was there just two minutes ago. Louis says that she's probably just tired. But strange things begins to happen in the house. Ally and Louis have no idea what's about to happen to them. Will the 'person' in the house hurt them? Will anyone believe them? The big question is will they survive?! Read to find out!:) .xx


8. A "ghost"?

Ally's POV.




Lately there's been a lot of strange things going on in the house. The books from the bookshelf keeps falling to the floor. It's always this one book, and it's always the same two pages who's open, when the book hits the floor. One day I picked the book up, and for the first time I saw that it didn't belong to me or Louis. I got curious and started reading it and got really scared. It was about poltergeists. The book said:

"Most accounts of poltergeist manifestations involve noises and destruction that have no apparent cause. Reports also include inanimate objects being picked up and thrown as if by an invisible person; noises such as knocking, rapping, or even human voices; and petty physical attacks on human beings, such as pinching, biting and hitting."

I didn't believe, what I just read. What if it was one of these "ghosts" who hurted Louis? I have to tell him right? Or maybe it would freak him out. Nawh I think I'll just keep this to myself until I'm sure. I was going to google it when my computer suddenly broke down. Hmmm what if...... Nawh your mind is just fooling with you. There's a lot of reasons that my computer could've broken down, like it went out of battery? Wait no... Because the charger was in the computer. Okay there's other reasons like..... I can't really think of any, but that dosen't prove anything. And I really need to stop talking with myself!....





Louis' POV.

Ally's been acting strange the last couple of days. I don't know what it is but it has to be serious because Ally always tell me evrything. I have to find out what's wrong!



A/N GUYS I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING FOR SO LONG!!!! iT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN! I PROMISE!<3 I made this chapter and I really hope you guys like it! Please comment/like/fan and favorite!<3 And if any of you guys have a story then write a link or the tittle in the comment and I would love to read it!!<3 Lots of looooove!!<3 xxxxxx



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