Haunted. 15+

Ally and her boyfriend Louis Tomllinson of One Direction moves into an old house in a small town. The first day Ally sees someone in one of the windows. She thought to herself that she was just tired. She walks into the bedroom and sees that the mirror has a huge gash. She slides her finger over it and cuts her finger. She want Louis to look at it but when Louis is looking at the mirror there is no gash. She was sure that it was there just two minutes ago. Louis says that she's probably just tired. But strange things begins to happen in the house. Ally and Louis have no idea what's about to happen to them. Will the 'person' in the house hurt them? Will anyone believe them? The big question is will they survive?! Read to find out!:) .xx


6. A date?




Louis' POV.

 After Ally's parents pasted away she's been so sad and I wanted to get Ally's thoughts away from her parents death so I want to take her on a date. I walked down the stairs and called Harry. "Harry I need your help" I said.

"Anything for you Boo" Harry said happily.

"I want to take Ally on a date! This is what you need to do" I said. "Did you get it?" I asked him.

"Yeah" He said.

"Thanks Harry!" I said.

"Bye" He said. *END OF CALL* I walked back up stairs and woke Ally.

"Love wake up" I said sweetly. She opened her eyes and looked right into mine.


Ally's POV.

"Love wake up" I heard Louis say. I opened my eyes. I looked right into his eyes. I love him so much.

"What is it Lou" I asked. I kissed his lips.

"We're going on a date" He said with a smile.

"A date?" I asked.

"Yup" He said popping the p. It made me giggle.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"It's a secret" He said and kissed my forhead. "Go get ready" He said and walked out of the room. I took a bath and brushed my hair. I took a pair of ripped shorts on and a bright tank top on with birds on it. I took my navy blue converse on and walked down the stairs. Louis took my hand we walked out to the car.



A/N Heeey guys I am so sorry but I've had a writers blog and I couldn't think of anything! A late happy Valentines day!<3 I love that day because it's my b-day. Well I hope you'll keep reading and thank you so much for all the reads and comments and stuff like that!:) It makes so happy! Lots of love! There'll be a new chapter tomorrow!<3 Byee:) xx


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