A Time To Love

Mandy Taylor has heartache follow her where ever she goes, on the search for her biological father.,she has a chance at a new love. Sean Anderson, the country's youngest billionaire sees Mandy for who she truly is, a lovely young woman and he's on a mission to make her see it for herself.

*note* I will add more chapters once I start getting feedback :D


2. Relaxation

The water looked deep and inviting.

Mandy put in her headphones, turned on her iPod and started to walk to the hotels pool for some much needed rest and relaxation time. After the big breakup with Michael she knew that she had no good luck with men. Her mother was right; she was destined to be alone. Before Mandy even made it to the pool, she looked up and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the most stunning man she’s ever seen. Mandy mumbled to herself get a grip, you’re just a plain Jane, there’s nothing special enough about you to get a guy like him.


Mandy laughed at herself and began the journey to the poolside once more.


This is why I should just stick to one night stands, she thought as she started laying her pool towel out onto the only empty chair by the pool. She began taking off her sundress that she was wearing and started to lather herself up with sunscreen, her mind drifted off to the night a couple weeks ago when she was still living in Michigan. Michael accused you of cheating when he found the bunched up piece of paper with Dave Wilson’s  name and address on it, instead of explaining, you just let him walk out of the door thinking you’re nothing but a slut..Why didn’t you just tell him what the piece of paper meant?


Just then Mandy felt someone touching her shoulder and looked up, taking her headphones out of her ears, “sorry, can I help you?” Mandy asked while turning around to face whoever it was. That’s when she saw him, the blue eyed, brown haired, 6’1 handsome man who was standing in front of her.  The same man she had been drooling over while on her way out to the pool.


Mandy stood there staring at him until she came back to her senses. “What is it that I can help you with?”
the man chuckled at her question, “My name is Sean Anderson, and you are?”  He stuck out his hand to shake hers.


Mandy couldn’t help but think she knew that name, she just couldn’t remember from where.


Shit, he’s going to think that I’m incapable of interacting with people if I don’t pull myself together.


Quickly taking his hand, she replied “I’m Mandy Taylor, what brings you to Florida?” she smiled as she looked around to see if he was with anyone else.


Sean couldn’t help but notice how flushed Mandy’s cheeks had gotten and that she was trying to be coy while looking to see if anyone was accompanying him.


“I’m here on business, I sort of own this place” he spread his arms out trying to carry out his point.


Just then Mandy realized where she knew him from; almost every magazine company always ran articles on him.


Oh, fuck..It’s Sean Anderson, the country's youngest most eligible billionaire.

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