A Time To Love

Mandy Taylor has heartache follow her where ever she goes, on the search for her biological father.,she has a chance at a new love. Sean Anderson, the country's youngest billionaire sees Mandy for who she truly is, a lovely young woman and he's on a mission to make her see it for herself.

*note* I will add more chapters once I start getting feedback :D


1. Prologue

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Sean asked. “There’s still time to turn back and head home.”

“We came all this way, I need to know why he left me behind” Mandy muttered, as she gave Sean a kiss on the cheek.

Mandy slowly opened the car door and walked towards the house.

“Man up princess,” Mandy said out loud to herself as she knocked on the door.

This was it; the day had finally come where she would meet her father.

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