A new life

Brittany never understood why her parents had to split, or why her mother have to leave but she has always grown up that way. Every thing annoys the crap out I her even her family and friends but the one thing she can do to get away from it all is listen to her music...one direction in perticular. She dreams if meeting them but knows she never will, she always forgets dreams can come true...


3. This was not expected...

I kept driving for what felt like forever with nobody to talk to and nobody to help me. Completely alone. I just didn't want to go home! I don't know why maybe because of the satisfaction of being in the same place as ONE DIRECTION<3 even though I will never meet them in this huge city...whatever. I kept driving and I had so much on my mind I just decided to stop and get some nandos since it was nialls favorite. I walk it and get some chicken an sit down to eat it secretly hoping Niall will show up. The door opens and in walks a blonde boy I started screaming inside when I realized it wasn't him... I finished eating my chicken and started driving again after a while I literally had nowhere to go so I started driving to the airport again
Even though I really didn't want to go! I was halfway to the airport when my car brow down! I'm so stupid! I forgot to fill up the gas!!! I stArted walking when it started pouring down rain o.O great I just kept walking about to give up... This Sumer sucks!! I just lated down on a bench a few blocks from nandos and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up it was sunny and bright morning? Already? I said out loud "yup were you here all night love" said Harry wait what? HARRY!? I say up and looked at their five gleaming faces before me. They were beautiful! They were perfect and I was trying so hard not to scream and I didn't scream! I fainted and everything was blurry until I woke up in a house... In a room...in someone's bed! But who's!? I peered out the door and saw the five angles sitting and talking...about me! "But what's her name" I heard Louis say Harry replied I don't know but she's beautiful and she's mine! What? Called zayn you can't call her yet!! Yes I can said Harry "I saw her first!" I finally decided to walk out of the room and ask the boys why I'm here Niall looked at the other boys and cleared his throat warning the other boys I was in the room shyly I walked over to them and asked..."c-can I ask why you bothered to bring me here" well, Harry replied "we were afraid you were hurt" "and because he thinks she's cute" Liam whispered loud enough for everyone to hear "SHUT UP" Harry yelled and threw a pillow at him. I blushed and looked down. Harry put a finger on my chin and lifted my head and said "don't hide your beautiful face. I blushed even more "have a seat love" said Louis I awkwardly sat down and Liam asked me where I was staying "we'll I uhm don't know yet. My mom told me to leave so I have been looking around but I don't know the area... Quickly Harry quickly speaks up "you can stay here!" "What no!" " I don't want to seem like a beggar haha "you are staying here!" They all reply "fine ill stay" yayyyy the all screech haha you guys are so funny! I didn't expect then to get so exited then Harry picked me up and started spinning me around which I really didn't expect!
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