A new life

Brittany never understood why her parents had to split, or why her mother have to leave but she has always grown up that way. Every thing annoys the crap out I her even her family and friends but the one thing she can do to get away from it all is listen to her music...one direction in perticular. She dreams if meeting them but knows she never will, she always forgets dreams can come true...


2. Off to England!

I begin to pack all of my crap. Literally all of it, I throw my chargers all my clothes, my make up which was most important because I need it. Three days had past and my dad was driving me to the airport. The car ride was silent because I was so mad at my dad, I just wanted to jump out the window! Then I got a text from my friend
From. Micayla(: hey pal(: wanna hang out later?? To: Micayla(: sorry I can't ): I'm uh...going to England to live with my mom... From: Micayla(: WHAT!? Since when!!? When will you be back?! To: Micayla(: yeah I found out three days ago and all summer but I will be back in time for school /: from: micayla(: wow...I'm gunna miss you!! You better Skype me or something once in a while! To: Micayla(: if course I will! *end of conversation* my dad looked at me as we pulled into te airport "well, we're here" "great" I replied with sarcasm in my voice as I got out of the car to pull my bags out of the bags "come here honey" my dad said as he got out of the car with open arms. I looked at him and walked away... I am not hugging him! He is making me go see my mom who most likely wants nothing to do with me! I walked toward the bag check and waited in line. Two hours later I'm sitting waiting for my flight to be called when I noticed a man dressed in black looking at me through the seats I was slightly creeped out so I moved seats to where I couldn't be seen. My flight was then called "flight #239 to London, England boarding now I get up and walk up to the lady's collecting the tickets and board the plane seat 49b I think to myself as I look at the numbers on the seats until I come to my seat. So far nobody's next to me yes!! I shut my eyes and wake up to an elderly lady shaking me to wake me up. I open my eyes and give her a glare and then shut my eyes again as she quietly says "sweetie the plane is landing" I open my eyes feeling kind of bad for the look I shot the lady. "Thanks" I groggily say as I grab my bag and get off the plane "wow London England" I gasp as I make my way out of the airport and to the rental car that was ready for me. I decide to go see the shop before I even bother to see my mom. I pull up to a shop and go in and start looking around before I realized this is not American money...great I'm going to need some help. I decided to make my way over to my moms house I pulled the address out of my pocket and punched it into my gps shortly after I pulled into a really long drive way and parked my car. The house was beautiful and perfectly detailed I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Inside I heard dogs barking and someone stumble to the door and quickly swing it open. A scrawny wrinkles lady with baggy clothes and a cigarette sticking out of her mouth was standing there staring me down "who are you?" She said in a scratchy voice "a-are you Linda I said kinda shocked "what's it to you?" She said really rude "I'm ah, I-I'm your daughter" "okay?" "Thanks for coming?" "What do you want" she said "we'll I was sent here to live with you for the summer..."
"Why would I let you stay here? I don't want you! That's why I left!" Oh..uhm so where do I go? I don't have any money... I replied "go anywhere but here" she yelled as she slammed the door in my face. I started to walk back to my car when she opened the door once again and threw three bags outside then shut it again and locked the door. I walked over to the bags and un-zippe one carefully not knowing what could possibly be inside. It was full of...cash!!! OMG!! This is exactly what I needed. Screw her I grabbed the bags and jumped my car and stared to drive not knowing where I was going. I still needed help finding my way around here...
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