A new life

Brittany never understood why her parents had to split, or why her mother have to leave but she has always grown up that way. Every thing annoys the crap out I her even her family and friends but the one thing she can do to get away from it all is listen to her music...one direction in perticular. She dreams if meeting them but knows she never will, she always forgets dreams can come true...


1. The horrible news.

Harry, I'm so sorry it's just to soon I said as he leans in to kiss me. He replies with a disappointed tone...but Brittany its been a week and I really like you.... I'm sorry you reply we aren't even together! Harry quickly replies, then can I ask you something? "BRITTANY!!!!" I open my eyes to see Harry...yeah my cardboard cut out of him. Ugh! I think to myself...I will never even meet them so whatever. I make my way downstairs and sit down to eat breakfast when my dad comes around the corner and yells "happy summer honey!" Oh yeah... The first day of summer. Yay. "Brittany I know you don't want to go but you need to see your mother! I think it's time you met her"
" you think it's time I met my mother after 17 years of my life??!?" " why do you think she would want anything to do with me now?!" I angrily reply. So now I have to go visit my mom in London, England! Ugh! I turned around to go upstairs without eating a bite when I came across a horrible thought..."MY FRIENDS!?, dad I had a whole summer planned with them and now I have to go to England?!" He replies "yes but won't you be in the same place as those boys you like?" "Yup" I replied a little annoyed "that's the only good thing about this whole summer! But it's not like I'm going to meet them!" "You never know hun" my sad said clearing his plate and rinsing it off. "Well Brittany, I have a little more bad news for you... "
"What now??!!?!!?" "you are leaving in three days"
Great... Thanks dad. "Go pack honey"
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