This is a story I will try and add a little to as often as I can. Unlike my first Movella, this is for older readers - please leave me feedback on how to improve!

Thirteen-year-old Molly Griffin lives in a town which you would expect to be like any other in England. In actual fact, the town's public is divided in three very different groups, which Molly ends up being mixed between...


4. The Brothers

Five years ago, it was the result of an incomprehensible event which managed to add, subtract and divide parts of the population of GreenBridge.

Back then, if my home town was on a map, it would be marked with a carelessly oversized dot and revealed in inattentive writing.

Back then, if my home town was in a holiday brochure, it would overstate the positives and cautiously sidestep the negatives in a mysterious manner.

And almost certainly, if my home town was mentioned in a newspaper, Oliver Conway would be the headline...


*  *  *


I was eight years old when the Conway episode occurred. It was one of those topics which everyone seemed to take interest in, whether you were seven or sixty-seven, a ballerina or a basketball player, an Actionee, member of the public, or, - a soon to be formed - Speaker...

It had been a dark, drizzly night in GreenBridge on November 8th, 2005. A night whereby five twenty-something year old boys had opted to reveal their rebellious sides. After parading the streets in a heavily disruptive manner, the boys, identified as Alex Miller, Jamie Davidson, Maxwell Parker, Oliver Conway and Reece Conway - the last two being brothers - dislocated the tranquillity of a twenty-four hour running supermarket. They risked expanding their level of intimidation by yelling offensive statements to the shop owner and propelling items off their shelves. Jars and bottles smashed, their contents carpeting the floor in pools of diverging textures. Somewhere, behind all the choas of noise, wreckage, and, of course, fear, the shop owner fumbled around behind his desk. He found his phone under a pile of papers, and pressed the three numbers in desperation.




Thank you for reading so far! I will hopefully be updating soon, but until then, I would appreciate feedback to help me improve, and if you have any questions about this story, feel free to ask away! Does the beginning of this chapter seem a little too confusing? All will eventually be revealed, but I would like to know if I should simplify this part or not! Thanks again.

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