This is a story I will try and add a little to as often as I can. Unlike my first Movella, this is for older readers - please leave me feedback on how to improve!

Thirteen-year-old Molly Griffin lives in a town which you would expect to be like any other in England. In actual fact, the town's public is divided in three very different groups, which Molly ends up being mixed between...


1. Sentence With Power

"I need to talk to you."

The sentence that has the power to make you remember every bad thing you did in your life.

My mind reeled through the whole of that morning, yesterday, the week before that. As far as I could recall, every task I completed, each person I talked to, all the places I visited, replayed across my mind's eye in an erratic, unreliable film.

Nothing. Nothing that seemed detrimental to my wellbeing, at least.

As my heart made attempts at escaping my chest in rapid, imposing beats, my hands grew clammy with sweat. I noticed them inadvertantly retreating up the sleeves of my cardigan. A safe, dry hideout.

I forced my eyes up to look at the Speaker's face. I was shocked by the unmerciful, narrowed eyes which returned my gaze. They were deep set, framed by a dark, sinister grey. Cave-like, almost. I gulped as I took in the large, prominent nose, a rocky path leading down from the twin caves. The mouth, a thin, almost non-existent crease bordered by dozens of splaying wrinkles - the consequence faced by years of an addiction to tobacco -resembled a fence. A promise of never escaping this area of land.        




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