This is a story I will try and add a little to as often as I can. Unlike my first Movella, this is for older readers - please leave me feedback on how to improve!

Thirteen-year-old Molly Griffin lives in a town which you would expect to be like any other in England. In actual fact, the town's public is divided in three very different groups, which Molly ends up being mixed between...


2. GreenBridge

If my home town is on a map, it will be marked on with a dot and revealed in words like every other town.

If my home town is in a holiday brochure, it will be written about as any other town around about has been written about, neither implying individuality nor normality.

However, if my home town is mentioned in a newspaper, it is probably announcing another smuggling of criminals out of our town.

Let me explain.

My name is Molly Griffin. I am thirteen years old and live in the town, GreenBridge, located in the south east of England. GreenBridge: named after the huge, majestic bridge which was built in the eighteenth century, and which steals pride of place in the centre of the town. The bridge may be the topic of attention in terms of being the attraction point, but the subject at the peak of every conversation within GreenBridge is that criminals - may that entail murderers, burglars, drug dealers and the like - are captured, extracted from the town and never seen by the public again. 

Many would argue this as a satisfying technique, ridding the town of less and less criminals by the day.

Not us citizens of GreenBridge. It doesn't matter whether you are caught red-handed murdering somebody, or coincidently standing innocently in the same scene as a group of fire-starters.

Actionees do not hold court cases.

Actionees. They're the people who the public of GreenBridge fear most. They will not look at who they're taking hostage, nor listen to their captive's pleas for freedom. They patrol the streets, day by day, night by night, hour after hour. Breaks are not permitted in their schedule. They are armed with not only lethal weapons, but with observant eyes, scanning the space surrounding them, reflexes at the ready.

Actionees suspect everyone.


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