"Maryella, I'm off to the grocerie store". Was my last text my dad gave me. Later that day I found out my dad had perished in a car accident. I couldn't believe that happened my mom abandoned me and my dad when I was four. He was all I had left. It has been a year since he had died and I was adopted by a distant relative he was awful. I have made up a plan to leave my relative and go to a field but when I do I find true love.


2. At the house

I woke up in a bed. It was 11 AM I got up and looked around the room. I don't know who's house it was " Oh no I've been kidnapped!" I scream whispered. I looked around again but this time I went to the door I walked out and walked down a giant path I think it was a hallway. I came to a stairway and I heard talking. I was scared that my kidnapper would be all mad that I snook out if bed I got down the stairs and I just looked at a big room with a long dinner table and a group of 5 boys. I remember 2 if them from somewhere but I don't know the other 3 one of them turned to me and said " she is awake" I backed up and ran out into the snow. I was bare foot but I didn't care. I looked back and realized one of them was chasing after me. It was the one that was wearing suspenders with a blue an white striped shirt. "Maryella wait, I need to tell you something. About why your here. Your here cause you were living in the street and we wanted to let you in but you fell asleep so I carried you. Gosh I'm an idiot." I stopped and turned around to look at him he was walking back inside with his head in his hands. I couldn't leave him crushed like that. I turned back an a guy with a black and blonde quiff came out. " he says he wants to go out with you. " I looked at him all confused " I don't even know his name" as much as I wanted to date him I couldn't. He is a stranger." I can't I have to find a comfortable Ally way to sleep in. " he gave me a stubborn look
" we have a spare bedroom" I thought about it " okay but just for the suspenders dude. "
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