"Maryella, I'm off to the grocerie store". Was my last text my dad gave me. Later that day I found out my dad had perished in a car accident. I couldn't believe that happened my mom abandoned me and my dad when I was four. He was all I had left. It has been a year since he had died and I was adopted by a distant relative he was awful. I have made up a plan to leave my relative and go to a field but when I do I find true love.


1. Oh it's just the beggining

Hey Marianne come here! My relitive said. " coming and it's Maryella not whatever you said" I replied trying hard to not give to much attitude. "Here is your dinner " he handed me a plastic bag. "Go eat in your room!" I left with no words. I quickly put some shirts some pants some underwear and some bras in the bag. I locked my door and opened my window i cracked the screen and jumped out I had a ladder that I placed there when I planned the break out. I climbed down and started to run. I realized I had about $50 in my pocket and went to a restaurant I got a chicken leg which was only $3 I ate it then I pulled out 4 dollars and left it on the table. I came across a small ally way. I sat down and tried to sleep but the sight of my fathers dead body haunted me. I couldn't sleep I realized if I didn't stay home when he perished non of this would happen. Cause I could of stopped him from texting me but I didn't. I say there and cried. It was then I heard footsteps and I heard a strange voice. "I thought you would leave me on my birthday for Taylor. " I realized there was 2 boys. I didn't want them to notice me but it was to late. They started to run down the ally way " are you okay" a boy with brown curly hair asked the other boy pointed at me and said "okay I want that birthday gift first " I think he was drunk. "Um I'm sorry but who are you?" I asked kinda scared. "I'm Louis the tommo Tomlinson" said the drunk one. "I'm Harry" he stuck out his hand expecting me to shake it. " you're coming home with us I'm not letting you stay here. " I looked shocked at him. " I can't that is to much to ask" he looked at me seriously " we'll Louis really likes you I think you should come" I looked at him " I'm only staying tonight, then"
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