Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


21. Welcome to Paradise!

     "Mama!" Darcy yelled as she ran towards me. "Darcy!" I smiled as I picked her up. "I missed you," she told me. "I missed you too baby." "Dada!" she cheered when she saw Harry. "Hi angel," he smiled. "Well hello to you too babe," Zack laughed. "Hey big bro!" I smiled, turning my attention to my older brother. "Hey Kara." Kara just waved. "Where's everyone else?" I asked, looking around. "They should be here soon," Zack shrugged. I nodded then sat down on the bench to wait for everyone else to show up. Darcy told me about what I had missed while on vacation. I saw Mum and Dad coming off a boat a few minutes later. "Grammy!" Darcy cheered when she saw them. Harry's family with Scott and Sarah behind them. I stood up then put out my hand so she could grab it. When her hand wrapped around a couple of my fingers I walked over to my family. "Welcome to Paradise guys!" I said with a big smile. "Thanks for inviting us Al," Dad said, messing up my hair. "God how did you get so dark?" Gemma asked, putting her arm next to mine to compare skin color. "I'm a natural tanner," I smirked. "Well I would like to see the house," Mum voiced up. "Mum, it's called a villa," I corrected her. "Well excuse me. Scott and Sarah were in their own little world, laughing. "Well let's go," Harry cut in.

     "Hey Ali can I drive the car?" Scott asked as I shut the trunk of the one of the cars that Harry had rented. "Why not," I shrugged. I sat in the passenger seat while Sarah, Gemma, and Darcy sat in the back. I gave him directions to the main office to get the keys to the second villa. Scott put the car in park then gave me a begging look. "How did I do?" he shyly asked. "I thought you did alright. What do you guys in the back think?" "Well he could have gone lighter on the breaks but other than that he was good," Gemma said. Sarah just nodded in agreement. I was the first one out of the car. I handed the key to Mum once we had it then drove to Harry and I's villa to figure out sleeping arrangements. "Well we can Gem, Sarah, Kara, Zack, and Scott can sleep here," I suggested. "And how is that going to work out?" Zack asked. "Well you two can sleep in the living room and we can find like a cot for one of the girls," I suggested. "I guess that could work," Kara said.  "I'll walk you guys to the villa," I told our parents, grabbing a couple bags. I lead the way to the villa that was next door. "If you need anything we're next door," I smiled as I left. When I walked into the living room of the kids' villa, everyone was glued to the TV watching a football game. I sighed as I sat next to Harry with Darcy on his lap. "Darcy, do you wanna go swimming?" She looked at me with excitement in her eyes. "Yes!" she replied. "Well let's go change" I smiled as picked her up. I put her in her Dora swimsuit then sat her on my bed so I could change into my bikini. "Alright let me put some sunblock on you then we can go," I told her, putting the cold white lotion in my hand. "Okay this might be cold," I warned her before I rubbed it on her arms then on her legs then her face. 

     "Dada, are you going swimming too?" Darcy asked her father when we got downstairs. "I'll came when the game is done," he replied, his eyes never leaving the screen. "Harry, the second quarter just  started. She's going to be asleep by the time it's over." "Fine. I'll be right out," he sighed. "Thank you Hazza," I smiled as I walked out the back door. I put Darcy down next to the little chest so I could get her a pair of arm floaties. I blew them up then shimmied them on her arms. We were about to get in when Harry came out in red swim trunks. "Hey babe," I waved to my husband. He waved back, walking to the chest to get an inner tube for Darcy. "I honestly don't think you're going to hold her the whole time," he told me as he threw the inner tube into the water. I nodded then walked to the stairs. "Ready Darc?" I asked her. She nodded her head so I slowly walked down the steps. I stopped when the water was at my waist. I was about to put Darcy in her inner tube when Harry jumped in, causing a wave of water splashed us. "Harold!" I gasped. He just gave me an innocent grin. "Babe want to jump in?" I asked my daughter. "Are you going to catch me?" she nervously asked. "Of course!" I smiled. I carried her over to the stairs. She walked over then stopped. "Ready Mama?" she asked, hands on her hips. "Yes," I said, putting my arms out towards her. She jumped into my arms with a big smile on her face. "Daddy do you want to catch me?" she asked. "Why certainly," he smiled. I did the same thing as before but she walked to where Harry was. We switched catching duty until Darc got tired of swimming. 

     When we walked into the villa, we were greeted by the great scent of lasagna. "Smell's good," I smiled when I walked into the kitchen. "Why thank you," Zack smiled. "Nan's recipe?" I asked. "How did you know?" "Lucky guess," I grinned as I walked up the steps. I changed Darcy into some old clothes after her bath because knowing her, she'd get sauce all over her if I put her in her pajamas. "Food's done!" Kara yelled while I was getting out of the shower. "Harry can you take her down for me please?" I asked my husband who was in the other room, watching kids shows with our daughter. "But we have to wait for you anyways," he sighed. "You're starting to get into the show aren't you?" I asked with a giggle, peeking my head out from the cracked door. "Just a little," he blushed. I rolled my eyes as I closed the door and got changed. At the dinner table, everyone was waiting. "Sorry guys, we couldn't pull Darcy away from the TV," I lied.

     After dinner we watching Disney movies. Darcy was asleep by the second movie. "I'll take her up," Scott volunteered. "I have to thank you for inviting us here," Sarah smiled. "Anytime. We all deserve a vacation everyone in a while." "You know, we haven't had a girls' day in a while," Gemma spoke up. "Why don't we go tomorrow and invite the Mums," Kara suggested. "Yes!" I laughed. "What about Darcy?" Sarah asked. "She can hang with her Daddy, uncles and grandfathers," I smirked to Harry. "I swear to god if she's in a bad mood you're gonna get it," Harry muttered. "Get what?" I asked, batting my eyelashes. "You know what," he winked. "Eww! We don't what to know about you two's sex life!" Zack yelled, covering his ears. "Say it a bit louder, Darcy might be about to hear you," I said in a tone harsher than I intended to.Scott came down while Zack had his hand up in defense. "What did I miss?" he asked. "Yupp. He's related to you babe," Harry laughed, poking my side. We stayed awake until midnight then everyone slowly started to make their way up to their rooms. I have to say, I'm glad my family came along.


A/N: Hey guys! Sorry it took so long to update. I got caught up in school work and softball. I'll try to update as soon as possible. Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter. xxAlexa 

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