Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


7. The Sparkle of His Eye (The Wedding Part 1)

     "Mama!" Darcy cried. My eyes slowly opened to reveal my mum holding Darcy with a box in her hands. "What's that babe?" I asked, pointing to the box. "Dada," she smiled. She gave the box to Mum who then gave it to me. It was wrapped in wrapping paper with hearts all over it and a bow on top. I opened it and found a letter: "Ali, You are the sparkle of my eye. I think shoes will prove that. Forever Your's, Harry"

     My jaw dropped when I saw that the box had Christian Louboutin printed on the top. "Open it!" Mum said as she sat on the end of the bed. I want to see what it is." I nodded as I took the top of the box off. I dug through the tissue paper until I found the shoes. I was speechless when I pulled out the shoes. The shoes were diamond studded. "Damn," Mum muttered. "Mum stop, you're drooling," I giggled. "Well anywho, it's time to get ready," she sighed as she got up, taking Darcy with her. I walked to my hotel bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. When that was done, I walked to the living room. Lou was getting a little station ready for me. "Hey Ali," she smiled when she saw me. "Hey," I waved. "So you ready to look pretty?" she asked. I blankly nodded. She started with my make-up. She highlighted my eyes which everyone says are a perfect. Next she curled my dirty blonde hair. Lastly, she waterfall braided it. "Lou you are a true genius!" I smiled to her. "I hate to brag, but I know," she said with a smug smile. There was a knock on the door with was quickly opened. "Hey Stacey!" I yelled to my best friend. "Hey girlie," she yelled. "Hi Darcy!" she said to my daughter who was sitting on my lap. She had a dress bag in her arm. "So how do you like the dress?" I asked her. "I love it! It shockingly fits like a glove," she smiled. "Well but it on! I want to see you in it!" I laughed. She sighed then walked to the bathroom. She came out in a pink dress that stopped a couple inches above her knee. "How do I look?" she asked, spinning around. "Gurl you look fiiiiiinnee," I smiled to her. "I know. Now it's your turn Mrs. Styles," she evilly smiled. "Well you have to tie it," I told her. "You sure you don't need help with anything else? " she said with a joking wink. "Nahh. Harry can do that later," I laughed as I walked to the bedroom. 

     I slipped on the dress then called for my mum and Stacey to tie the corset. Mum did most of the work while Stace just held the string. I turned around so they could get a look at it. "You look like a princess," Mum said with a tear escaping her eye. "Mum don't cry," I whined. "If you think I'm bad, your father is probably going to need a bucket!" she laughed through the tears. There was another knock on the door. "Ali! Let's go!" Dani's said from behind the door. "Coming!" I called back, slipping on my new heels. I opened the door, El, Dani, and Gemma were waiting for us in their dresses. I picked up the long, flowly skirt of the dress to make sure I wouldn't get it dirt. "Nice shoes," Dani winked. "Thanks Harry got them for me," I smiled. "Well I wonder who picked them out?" Gemma added. "Me too," Eleanor chimed in. "Thanks for the shoes guys," I smiled. "Any time love," Gemma smiled. "Alright ladies let's stay on time," Lou said. We walked to the limo that was taking to Harry's childhood church. As we got closer to the church, I started to go over the vow I had written on a note card. When we got to the church, I was shaking. "Here goes nothing," I told myself as I walked out.


A/N: So there is part one of the wedding. I'll write the rest later. I have to go watch the new episode of Ghost Adventures. Haha #Dedicated. xxAlexa


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