Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


27. The End......

*Six Months Later (Sorry to skipp)*

     I was sitting on the patio watching Darcy play with Lux. The boys were off at a meeting about what was next for them and the band. Harry and Louis wanted to take a break to focus on their new families. "Mama I'm hungryy," Darcy whined. "Well come on and we'll get a snack," I told her as I got up. The girls ran to the kitchen and sat at the island. "What do you want?" "Oreos!" Lux yelled. "Ritz," Darcy followed. "And what to drink?" "Apple juice," they said in unison. I nodded as I walked to the fridge. I placed their juice in front of them then walked to the cabinet to get the snacks. I put them on little plates then handed them to the girls.  "Mummy! I want them how Daddy makes 'em!" Darcy whined. I groaned as I put cheese and pickles on the crackers. "Better?" I asked. She nodded her head as she ate. I got my phone out to text Harry to see how things were going. He didn't answer so I guessed that he was in the middle of the meeting.

     At around three, Lou came to pick up Lux. "Have you heard anything?" I asked her. "Looks like their done for a while," she sighed. I felt my heart shatter not only for me but for Harry and the boys. They enjoyed going on tour to see the fans who loved them and making music together. "Well this is going to suck," I sighed. "I know." After an awkward moment of silence, she left. Harry soon arrived with an angry expression. "Babe calm down," I told him, putting my hands on his chest. At that moment, his expression went from anger to sadness in the blink of an eye. "It's over Ali," he wept on my shoulder. "Don't say that babe. The fans will hear this and beg to have you guys back," I told him as I rubbed his back to calm him down. "It's okay Daddy," Darcy said, hugging her father's leg. "Darcy why don't you go play with Smokey. I think he's  in the playroom," I told her. She nodded as she ran down the hall. I guided Harry to the couch to talk to him. "Ali, that's what I enjoyed: being on the road and seeing the fans plus making music." "But you'll have more time with your family," I smiled. "I guess you're right," he weakly smiled. "I don't want to miss a moment in this little ankle biter's life," Harry said in a babying voice, his large hands on my extended stomach. "So what do you think it is?" I asked. "Do I like like I'm Nostradamus?" he joked. We had decided to let the sex of the baby be a surprise for some reason. Darcy came out of the play room with the cat in her arms. "Darc be careful," I warned her but she just kept on walking.

     The next day, the news was every where: One Direction is Over. Harry and Louis at Fault. Harry lied in bed, staring up at the ceiling when I came to check on him at noon. "Harry come on you have to do something," I complained. "I might ruin it," he muttered, keeping his gaze on the ceiling. "Harry," I sighed. "Admit it Ali, I'm a screw up." "No you're not babe." "Then why is the band not together?" he asked, looking at me with anger in his eyes. "Just because the band can't make music doesn't mean that you can't hang out." He rolled his eyes and went back to original state. "Harry please," I begged. "Darcy wants to spend the day with you." "Bring her up here," he sighed. "No. You're going to get off your lazy ass and go to the god damn park with her whether you like it or not," I yelled. "Fine then. Holy crap," he said. I felt victory rush through me as I went to tell Darcy that her father was taking her to the park. "You comin?" Harry asked as he put on his shoes. "I guess I could," I shrugged. 

     It wasn't crowded at the park...that was until someone found out that we were there. To make it up to Darcy, we got ice cream before heading home. We spent the rest of the night watch Disney movies. It was around nine when we went to bed. I couldn't sleep for some odd reason. I went downstairs to get some tea. I watched TV in the living room while I drank my tea. At around ten, I had a sharp pain in my stomach. "Harry!" I yelled. The pain came again. "Harry!" I heard his feet sprint down the steps. When I saw him I told him to get the bag. He instantly knew what that meant. Harry came down with Darcy in one arm and the bag in the other. "I'll be right back love," he told me. I nodded as another contraction came. Harry came back and helped me into the car. When the pain stopped I called everyone I could to tell them the news. 

     "How are you doin' babe?" Harry asked. I groaned my response. I grabbed my cup and got an ice cube to suck on. Harry rubbed my hand and smiled nervously at me. The boys visited me for a little bit then left so I could push. I was exhausted. "I see the head!" the doctor cheered. "Few more pushes!" Harry said enthusiastically. "Come on Ali you can do it!" After a few more pushes the baby was out and the room was silent for what felt like an eternity. "It's a boy!" the doctor said before our son started to cry. I felt tears stream down my face. Harry gave me a passionate kiss. "Here you go," a nurse smiled as she handed me the baby. "I'll get Darcy," Harry whispered.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

     I could barely contain my excitement. "What is it mate?" Niall asked when I got into the waiting room. "It's a healthy baby boy," I smiled. Everyone circle around me to give me a pat on the back. I saw Darcy asleep on one of the couches. "How long has she been out?" I asked. "Solid hour," Scott replied. I walked over to her and lightly shook her. "Hey angel," I smiled when she opened her eyes. "Is my sister here yet?" she asked as she rubbed her eyes. "No but your brother is," I smiled. "But I don't want a brother," she whined causing everyone to laugh. "Well come on, Mummy wants to see you," I told her as I picked her up. Ali had our son her arms when we came in. "Darcy, meet your brother Mason James," she smiled. "He's so small," she said. "Can you believe that you were this small too?" I asked. "Now I'm a big girl!" she smiled. "Yes you are angel," I smiled. Slowly, our friends and family poured into see the baby then left. I felt like my life was complete: I have an amazing wife, a beautiful daughter, and a newborn son. Who knows what's to come of One Direction but I know that I'll have these people for ever...


A/N: So guys that was the last chapter of Still the One D: I honestly enjoyed writing this. But don't you worry dedicated reader! There is one last part....the problem is: I can't think of a title! Well I can but they are a bit corny (Life in Style, Growing Up in Style) so comment what you want it to be and I will write it as soon as possible. I have soooo many ideas for the next book :) (Oh and if you forgot, it's about Darcy's life being the daughter of Harry. She's going to be about 15 in this so yeahh.) Well I hoped y'all enjoyed Still the One :) xx Alexa

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