Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


5. The Best Birthday Ever

*Harry's P.O.V.*

*Four Months Later*

     I placed my hand where Ali had been the night before to find a cold, empty spot on the bed. I slowly sat up and saw that her spot was empty. I rubbed my eyes then slowly got out of bed. I slid on a pair of boxers before walking downstairs. "Dada," Darcy yelled. "Hi angel," I groggily replied, giving her a wave. Ali was sitting on the couch. "Hey birthday boy," Ali smiled. I just nodded. "You hungry?" she asked when I got off the stairs. "Yeah," I yawned. "What do you want?" "French toast," I smiled. She nodded as she handed me Darcy. I walked to the couch and sat Darc on my lap. "So do you want to try walking squirrel?" I asked her as I stood her up. Her hand grabbed my index for support. "How about we try this when Mummy is done cooking," I whispered to her. She bounced on my leg until Ali said that my breakfast was ready. I carried Darcy into the kitchen. "Here you go," Ali smiled, putting my plate in front of me. "Apple juice?" she asked me as she walked over to the fridge. "Please," I smiled. She poured me a glass then put it in front of me. "Anything else?" "Nope." "If you need anything just yell," she said as she walked out of the room. Lately she had been acting a little weird but I brushed it off, thinking she was nervous about giving a present for my birthday.

*Ali's P.O.V.*

     How was I going to tell him? I paced around the bedroom thinking about how to do it. Do I come right out and say it like? An idea suddenly hit me. As I was wrapping Harry's presents, he knocked on the door. "You alright babe?" he asked from behind the door. "Fine, just don't come in! I'm finishing wrapping your presents," I yelled back, finishing taping the box containing what I wanted to tell him. I put the presents on the box then went downstairs. "Ali! I have an idea," Harry said from the couch. "What?" I asked. I saw Harry sitting on the floor, Darcy standing in front of him using Harry's fingers as support. "Sit on the floor," he instructed. I did as he told. "Darc, go to mama!" Harry said. Darcy just looked at her father. I took out my phone in case she decided to walk. "Come here baby," I told her. I walked over to Harry then took Darcy then sat down where I had originally. I waited for Harry to get his phone ready. "Come here squirrel," Harry said. Darcy took a wobbly step which was followed by another one. She let go of my fingers and slowly walked to her dad. "You're doing great Darcy!" Harry cheered her on as she slowly made her way to him. When she got to Harry he picked her up and gave her a  tight hug. I wiped away a proud tear as I walked to the loves of my life.

      "Can I get my presents now?" he asked like a five year old on Christmas. "I guess so," I sighed. "They're on the bed." He put Darcy down then went up the stairs. She followed like his loyal puppy dog. "No you stay down here," I told her as I picked her up which caused her to cry. "Shhh," I said, rubbing her back. Harry came down with a stupid smile on his face. "Which one should I open first babe?" he asked. "That one," I said, pointing to the bigger box. I put Darcy on the couch before he opened it. After he opened it then thanked me for the Rolling Stone t-shirts I got him. I took out my phone when we was opening the smaller box. "Alison I swear to god if you are recording this," he mimicked me with a giggle. "Just open it already!" He sighed then looked at Darcy. "Your mother Darcy," he said, shaking his head in disapproval. He shook the box to see if the sound would revel what it was. "Have enough tissue paper?" he asked, carelessly throwing the thin paper on the floor. I just laughed. His jaw dropped when he saw what was in the box. "What is it Harry?" I asked. "Y-You're p-pregnant?" he stuttered. "Mhm," I nodded. He leapt off the couch to attack me with kisses. "This is the best birthday ever!" he smiled. I kissed his lips. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" he asked. I nodded. "If we can handle that drama queen, we can handle anything," I giggled. He gave a hug. He put his hand on my stomach. "I love you," he whispered to his child in my stomach.


A/N: Hey guys! Sorry if this sucked. I was trying to finish this before PLL (Pretty Little Liars). Oh I thought that I put this in the last author's note but I didn't so: I might not update a lot because softball is starting up and I will tell you what, it takes A LOT of energy out of you. I will post as often as possible. :) One last thing, if you have any requests for this story, just put it in the comments & I will try to squeeze it in here. :) xxAlexa

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