Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


14. Thanks for Nothing

     I woke up bright and early at six. I walked down to the kitchen to find Harry asleep at the island. "Perfect," I grinned. I walked to the cabinet with all the pots and pans. I started to dig around, trying to make as much noise as possible without walking Darcy.  "Ali could you stop," Harry said groggily. "Sorry babe I was just making my family breakfast," I shouted. "Stop!" he whined, his hands flying to his head. "Awee did Harry drink to much?" I asked him. "Yeah." "So you don't remember a thing from last night?" I asked. He nodded his head. "Why?" he asked. "You were being a total dickhead!" I told him. "I'm sorry babe," he sighed. "Need something for your headache?" I kindly asked. Okay so my plan didn't go as long as I wanted to but I couldn't stay made at him forever no matter what he said. He nodded. "Go get a shower then lie in bed," I told him as I walked to the fridge. Harry slowly walked up the steps as I got him a glass of ginger ale. I walked up to the bedroom to see Harry under the blankets, his wet curls resting on the pillow. "You take any medicine?" I asked as I placed the glass on the nightstand. "Nope. I couldn't find it," he smiled. "It's in the medicine cabinet you ninny!" I sighed as I walked to the bathroom. I opened the cabinet behind the mirror then pulled out the aspirin. After I got two pills, I put the bottle back where it belongs then gave Harry the pills. "Thanks," he weakly smiled. "Make sure you drink a lot of water alright babe," I told him. "Yes ma'am," he smiled.

     I walked over to Darcy's room to wake her up. "Darcy, it's time to wake up," I whispered to her. Her eyes fluttered open then she let out a yawn. I picked her up then carried her downstairs. "Dada?" she asked. "He's sick baby," I told her as I put her in her high chair. "Oatmeal?" I asked. She nodded. I got the packet out of the pantry then started to make it. "Ali!" Harry whined from upstairs. "What?" I yelled back. "I'm hungry." "Do you want oatmeal?" "Please." I sighed as I waited for the oatmeal in the microwave to stop. "I'll be right back," I told Darcy as I ran to take Harry up his breakfast. "Thank Darcy for this," I told him as I placed it on the nightstand. "Why?" "This was supposed to be her's," I told him as I walked back down to get the other bowl of oatmeal. "Here you go babe," I smiled. "Thank you Mama," she smiled. "Anytime babe," I smiled back.

     My phone rang from in the living room so I ran to answer it. "Hello?" I answered. "Hello Mrs. Styles," Chris Lyons cheered on the other end. "Hi Coach Chris!" I smiled, walking back into the kitchen. "So I was wondering if you wanted to try out for the team next week. "Yeah sounds great," I smiled. "Good. I'll see you next Friday at 5," he said before he hung up. "Guess what Darc! Mama's gonna try out to be on a football team," I cheered. She just gave me a confused look for a couple seconds then went back to eating. I texted Louis and asked him if he was busy so he could help me refresh my memory. "I'll meet you in the park in 10. You can bring Darcy if you want," he typed back. "Nahh. She can spend the day with Hazz and his hangover 3:)," I typed back. I took Darcy out of her high chair then took her upstairs after I washed her hands and face. "Oh Harry," I cheered as I walked into the bedroom. "Do you mind watching Darcy?" "Where are you going?" "Out," I shrugged. "Yeah sure whatever." "Thanks babe," I smiled as I placed her on the bed. I went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of running shorts. "Who are you working out with?" he asked. "No one," I shrugged as I walked to the bathroom. I put my hair in a bun before walking out. "Seriously Ali where are you going?" Harry asked. "Just to the p-a-r-k." I didn't want to say park because Darcy would beg me to come with me. "With...." "Louis. There you happy!" I was starting to get annoyed. "Bye baby," I waved to Darcy. "Bwe Mama," she waved back. 

     I ran to the park to get there faster. I showed up about 15 minutes late. "Sorry I'm late," I huffed to Louis. "It's fine. I'll go easy on you," he smiled. We went over basic drills for an hour then we did my least favorite thing, conditioning. I would much rather watch paint dry then run for god knows how long. After that he walked me home. "So when is your try out?" he asked. "Next Friday," I smiled. In the middle of one of Lou's sentence, paparazzi swarmed around us. "Ali are you and Harry over?" they asked at different times. "Why the hell would you think that?" I spat at them. "He was caught chatting with a girl and giving her his number. My blood started to boil. "Ali?" Lou asked. I stormed off to Niall's. Once at his flat, I burst through the door. "God damn it Niall you have a lot of explaining to do," I yelled. He nonchalantly walked out of his bedroom, rubbing his eyes. "Hey," he smiled. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. "Tell you what?" he asked. "Harry," I paused, trying to fight back the tears. "Harry gave a girl his number," I sobbed. "Woah! What?" he said, obviously shocked by the news. "I just got told by a bunch of paparazzi that my husband gave his number to some slut in the club. Niall I thought you were supposed to watch him!" "Ali, he's a 20 year old guy," he started. "But he's married and has a daughter!" I finished. "He's just upset know.." "How do you think I feel!" I spat, wiping away tears. "That baby was in me for 5 months Niall. If I could turn back time to fix whatever I did wrong, I would. But if he's beaten up about it, I'm 10 times worst." "But you don't look like it!" Niall yelled. "I have to put on a brave face for Darcy! Do you want me to mope around and not give a single fuck about her?" He just stared at me. "Thanks for nothing," I spat him as I left. 

      I dreaded the elevator ride up to the flat. Mrs. Mauti was coming out of her flat when the doors opened. "Afternoon Ali," she smiled. "Hey," I fake smiled. "How are you?" she asked. "Peachy. How about you?" "Just fine," she grinned. "Well I to get some groceries," she said after an awkward moment of silence. "It was nice talking to you," I smiled. When I opened the door to the flat, I tried to hold in my anger. "Harry!" I yelled as sweetly as possible. "Bedroom," he called back. As I walked up the steps, I heard his phone ring. It rang a couple times then stopped. "Who was it?" I asked, leaning against the frame of the door. "No clue." "Maybe if you weren't so drunk last night, you would remember," I spat at him as I walked to the bathroom. "Ali," he sighed. The phone rang. He looked at me with shock in his eyes as I ran to answer it. "Hello?" I answered. "Hi is Harry there?" the girl asked. "He's busy playing with his daughter. Can I take a message for you love?" I said, trying to sound as peaceful as possible. "He has a daughter?" the girl asked in shock. "And a wife who would kick your ass if lay a hand on him," I said. "Well up. Don't tell him I called then," she gushed out before hanging up. I handed Harry his phone back. "So are things back to normal?" he asked shyly. I picked up Darcy then carried her to her room. I closed the door then sat on the end of the bed. "Harry, I love you to much to let you go. So you are going to have to go through hell to get my trust back," I told him. "Oh by the way, I'm trying out for the team," I told him as I walked to the bathroom to wash the scent of sweat off of  me. "I'm proud of  you babe," he smiled. I weakly smiled as I closed the bathroom door.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N: Hey guys :) Sorry it took so long to update . So I was thinking that on Monday (Jan. 21st) I'll do a Twitcam/Ustream whenever my mom goes to get her car looked at. So comment if you would be interested in that & what I should do. As usual if you have anything MAJORLY important, tweet me @Alexa_M_Young or in my ask on Tumblr xxAlexa

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