Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


3. State of Shock

     Ever since the Adam incident, Harry hasn't let me out me out of his sight. The only time he did was when I was hanging out with one of the girls. Today, I was hanging out with Perrie. I was glad to see her in a while because she was busy with Little Mix. Harry was hanging out with the guys.  Perrie showed up around noon. "Hey! You alright?" she greeted. "Hey!" I smiled. "Where's Darcy?" she asked. "Sleeping." "God that kid has it made," she laughed. "Amen." I was in the kitchen making popcorn while Perrie was setting up The Hunger Games. I hadn't seen the whole movie because when I was watching it with Stacey, I fell asleep after Rue died. I handed Perrie her bowl of popcorn then sat next to her. Whenever the Effie chick came onto the screen, we would always mimic her with our voices getting weirder and weirder every time. We had watched the Bad Lip-Reading version before we started watching the film. Whenever a part from the video come on the movie we would quote the video. "Every night, I want you to hold Marvin the cat," Perrie giggled. "He's not a real ," I said, trying to be as serious as possible. After the mutant dog things came out of now where, Darcy woke up. I groaned as I got up. "Pause it you moron!" I said to Perrie. "But I want to see what happens next," she protested. "Please Perrie," I pleaded. "Fineee," she sighed as she paused the movie. I ran up the steps to get my daughter. "Hey princess," I smiled. "Mama," she said. "What babe? So you want a bottle?" "Baba," she smiled. My jaw dropped. "Alright let's go get one," I said in a state of shock.

     I got her a bottle then fed it to her. When I got back into the living room, Perrie instantly hit the play button. At the end of the movie, Harry texted me that he would be home soon. "Now what do you want to do?" "Twitcam!" Perrie excitingly said. "You can go get the laptop on my bed stand," I told her. She nodded then walked up the stairs. She ran down the steps with the laptop then put it on the coffee table. She set it up on my Twitter.  "Darcy say hi," I told my daughter. She just smiled. "She's such a chatter box," Perrie laughed. "OMG!! Darcy looks sooooo much like @Harry_Styles!" I saw a girl tweet. "I know! She's such a daddy's girl," I giggled. "Dada," Darcy giggled as if on cue. Everyone was talking about the fact that she said "dada" while I was talking about Harry. The door opened then Harry came into the living room with his phone on his ear. "Harry say hi to everyone!" I smiled. He just waved. "He is a man of many words," Perrie laughed. "Alright I'll tell her," I heard Harry say in the kitchen. He came back in then sat next to me. "I have good news for you," he whispered in my ear. "Me too," I smiled. "Darcy, what's that?" I asked, pointed to her bottle on the coffee table. "Baba," she smiled. A big grin fell on Harry's face, reveling his dimples. We did the Twitcam until Perrie had to go. "

     So what's the good news?" I asked as I put Darcy in her play pen so I could make supper. "I got you a doctor," he smiled. "Harry, I thought about it," I sighed. "Between you being an international pop star and me traveling to different places, how are we going to have time for our family?" I asked. "The Beckhams did it," he shyly said. "Harry we aren't the Beckhams. We're the Styles." "But the-" "Harry just give up. I'm not giving in." He sighed. "Ali I'm only doing what's best for you," he defended. "Harry, the best thing is staying home with Darcy. I like watching her grow everyday." "Will you at least go and see him," he pleaded. "Fine. But that doesn't mean that I'm playing," I sighed. "Oh thank you babe," he cheered, smothering me with kisses. "Harrehhh stop!" I giggled."Thank you," he smiled as he looked into my eyes and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips. "Dada!" Darcy whined. "Go get her," I told him, breaking the kiss. He nodded then went to get his daughter as I started to make hot dogs.

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