Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


9. I'll Be Your Minnie and You Can Be My Micky

     "Harry hurry up," I sighed. Harry and I were going to Disney World and I was excited. "Keep your pants on!" he yelled from the bedroom. "And put yours on," I muttered as I sat down. I was wearing a shirt with Minnie Mouse on it with a pair of light blue jeggings and a black pair of Converse. I was braiding my hair when Harry walked into the vast room. "Finally!" I sighed as I got up. I finished my braid then held Harry's hand. In the car, I called my house to check up on Darcy. "Hello?" Scott answered. "Hey is Mum or Dad home?" I asked him. "Nope," he replied. "Did they take Darcy with them?" "No. I'm watching her." "Lord have mercy," I muttered. "Alrighty then. How is she doing?" I asked. "She's watching Finding Nemo with me," he replied. "Are you guys doing anything else?" "Sarah might come over but other than that I have no clue." "Well have fun. I have to go. Love you," I cheered. "Bye," Scott said before hanging up. "What did your parents do now?" Harry asked. "They left Scott alone with Darcy." "They might not be out for that long," he suggested. "Ehh. Who knows," I shrugged.

    Disney World was exactly how I pictured it. We went to a little shop that sold merchandise. I found a Goofy hat and put it on. "How do I look?" I asked. "I think this is more fitting to you," he grinned as he placed a crown on my head. "Bow down to me peasant," I giggled. Harry just chuckled and shook his head. We grabbed a pair of mouse ears, paid for them, then left the store. "I have a surprise for you princess," he told me. "What?" I asked. "You'll see later on tonight," he smiled. "Descriptive," I giggled. We rode some more rides until it got dark. He put my Minnie Mouse ears on me then tied a bandanna over my eyes. "Harry where are we going?" I asked him. "Well if I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise!" he chuckled as he pushed me through the crowd of people. "Are we there yet?" I sighed. "Almost! Don't get your knickers in a twist," he sighed causing me to giggle.

     "Okay you can take off the bandanna," he told me when we came to a complete stop. I untied the object that was covering my eyes. I saw Cinderella's castle beautifully lit. "Why did you bring me here?" I asked. "Well my princess, this is where we are spending the night." My jaw dropped. "No!" I gasped. "Mhm," he nodded. I gave him a tight hug. "Hang on we need to get a picture," he chuckled. "Excuse me!" he said to an employee who was walking by. "Yes sir?" the man asked. "Do you mind taking a picture of me and my wife?" he asked. I was about to correct Harry but then I look down at the ring on the fourth finger of my left hand. "No problem sir," he smiled. Harry grabbed my hand and lead me a few inches away. We stood with our backs to the man. "Three. Two. One." I heard the camera go off. "One more," I cheekily smiled to Harry. I stood up on my tip toes then wrapped my arms around his neck. When the worker said two I gave Harry a passionate kiss. "Thank you," Harry said as he went to retrieve his phone. I grabbed it out of his hands when he came back. "I was going to send it to you in a second!" he said. "Well too late," I smirked. I sent myself the pictures then handed the phone back to its owner. "Now let's go to bed," he yawned, placing his arm around my shoulders. 

     I felt like a little girl the whole time we walked through the castle. The bedroom was astonishing. "Harry!" I squealed as I scanned the room. "You're welcome princess," he smiled. I ran around to see what was here. Everything was extraordinary. I noticed a glass slipper sitting on the vanity. "Oh my god this place is perfect!" I shouted. "Want me to make it better?" he asked. "How?" I questioned back. "You get to keep the slipper." "I fucking love you," I giggled as I gave him a hug. We cuddled in bed watching Disney movies of course. I took my phone out so I could post the pictures of Harry and I on Twitter. Of course, adding a pretty filter on Instagram. On the picture of me and Harry kissing in our mouse ears, I put the caption as "I'll be your Minnie and @Harry_Styles can be my Micky xx" I put my phone on the nightstand then went to take a shower. After my shower Harry and I watched more Disney movies then fell asleep after calling my parents to check on Darcy. 


A/N: So I hoped you enjoyed that chapter :) I tried to make it romantic but not too romantic. Haha. So tomorrow I have to do a bingo for my softball team so that may push back the next chapter. If you have any suggestions or you just want to talk, hit me up on Twitter (Wowww that is sooo cliche haha) @Alexa_M_Young. xxAlexa 

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