Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


25. Hormones Can Be Contagious

*Ali's P.O.V.*

     "Mama, hurry up!" Darcy whined. I was getting ready for the birthday dinner that the boys were throwing for me. "I'll be right out babe," I told her as I applied one last coat of mascara. I took one last look in the mirror before walking out of the bathroom. Darcy was sitting in the loft area with the cat on her lap. "Darcy," I whined. I had told her literally over 100 times not to carry the cat while wearing a black skirt. "I'm sorry Mama! I told him to go away but he didn't listen." "It's alright baby," I sighed, trying to stay sane. I picked up the cat and placed him on the ground. Thankfully what cat hair was there could be taken off quickly. I heard Harry's dress shoes walk to the base of the stairs than back to the living room. "Let's go before your father paces a hole in the floor," I smiled as I put my hand out for Darcy to grab. She grabbed then walked down the stairs. "Harry let's go! We're going to be late," I said as I opened the front door. "Who's car are we taking?" I asked. "Mine," Harry sighed as he came out with his keys in his hand. I buckled Darcy in her car seat then got in the passenger seat. "Away driver," I smiled with a posh accent. He muttered some words then started the car.     

     Our table was near the back of the restaurant. We had walked in with Eleanor and Louis. "So you're going to tell everyone else tonight?" I asked. "I think so," Eleanor nervously smiled. "Trust me, the best method is just to come right out and say it," I told her with a reassuring smile. El just nodded, obviously getting nervous. The other guys were waiting at the table. "Sorry we were late, Harry had to fix his lip gloss," I joked. I could feel Harry starring daggers at me. "Oh calm down babe," I smiled. He rolled his eyes as he put Darcy in the booster seat. "I think you rubbed off on him," Niall whispered as I sat next to him. "I guess hormones are contagious now," I whispered back causing him to laugh. "Haha. Very funny Ali," Harry said. "Seriously Harry, what is up with you?" I asked but he gave me the cold shoulder. I rolled my eyes before going back to talking to Niall. Our waitress came out to take our orders then walked away. I looked over to Eleanor and Louis to see them whispering. After a couple minutes of whispering, Louis spoke up. "So guys, Eleanor and I have big news," he nervously said. His eyes dashed to mine, seeking some encouragement. I nodded with a smile. "Well you see," Eleanor started. "Umm." "We're expecting a baby," Louis chimed in. "I think that deserves a toast!" Zayn smiled, raising his glass. Everyone followed and touched glasses. I touched mine with Darcy's sippy cup. "So did Aunt Ellie and Uncle Lou share soap?" Darcy asked causing Niall to choke on his water and my face to turn red from embarrassment. "No honey," Harry chuckled. "But you told-" "Well Darcy, we'll tell you the real way when you're a big girl," I interrupted her. "But I am a big girl," she whined. I looked to the guys for some help. "Darc, listen to your mother," Harry said. "But Daddy!" she whined. "Darcy stop," I said sternly. She crossed her arms and pouted. I rolled my eyes as I started to talk to Danielle who was sitting next to Eleanor.

     I was silently thanking god when the food come out. I was  praying that it would put Darcy in a better mood. A smile appeared when Harry put her plate of mac and cheese in front of her. "Give it a couple minutes to cool babe," he told her. "But I'm hungry," she complained. I was about to blow. I didn't know how much I could take of her newly found attitude. Thankfully she was quiet as she ate her dinner. We left after everyone had finished their desert. It was darker than usual because of the dark storm clouds. When we got in the house, it had started to rain. Harry carried Darcy up to her room. I walked up to room to change out of my dress and flats and into my PJ's. I saw a flash of lightning. "Great," I muttered. Harry came in and started to unbutton his shirt. "Hey, I'm sorry for how I acted," he said. "It's alright. I understand how hormones are," I joked. "You're hilarious," he said flatly as he stripped off his pants. "Put on a pair of shorts or something," I told him. "Why?" he asked. "Well I don't know Harry, why don't we look outside?" I said. He nodded his head when he realized what I meant. He dug out a pair of gym shorts from his drawer than laid in bed.

     I was almost asleep when a big clap of thunder shook the house. I heard little footsteps rush across the floor. "Mummy!" she cried. "Come here babe," I cooed as I sat up. Harry slowly sat up a few seconds later. "I'm scared," she stated. I wiped away some tears that had spilled over. "You're going to be alright babe," Harry smiled. "Promise?" she asked. "Promise," Harry and I said at the same time. A couple more claps occurred but after that, it was silent other than the sound of the rain against the window. Darcy laid in between us and fell asleep. What a way to end the night.

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