Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


10. Happy Birthday To You :)

*Three Months Later*

     Today was one of the biggest milestones in Darcy's life, her first birthday. We were having it at the flat so I spent the whole week cleaning the house to make it look presentable. Harry was getting Darcy dressed while I made sure everything was in order. He came down with Darcy who was in a dress we had gotten her yesterday. "Hey princess," I smiled. She just waved to me. "Well I see how it is," I giggled. Mum and Dad were the first ones to arrive with Scott slowly walking behind them. Zack and Kara were next. Mum was setting out refreshments even though I told her not to.

     Niall came in after the food was out. "Where's the birthday girl?" he asked. "Ni!" Darcy squealed as she walked to the Irishman. She gave his legs a tight hug. "Hey Mini Styles," he chuckled. "You might want to open my present first," he smiled. "What did you get her?" "You'll see. Darcy open this one," Niall told her, placing the box on the floor. Darcy lifted the top of the box then looked inside. "Kiki," she smiled. After that, a grey kitten with yellow eyes jumped out of the box causing Darcy to giggle. "Darcy who is the best uncle?" Niall asked. "Ni!" she smiled. She held out her hand to the cat who sniffed it. Darcy started to pet it which made the cat purr. "What do you tell Uncle Niall?" I asked Darcy. "Thank-you," she smiled. "Anytime sweetie." "Don't tell me one of the other guys got her a pony," I whispered to Niall. "Nope. That's next year," he laughed. I rolled my eyes. Darcy picked up the cat and carried her to my Mum. "Kiki," she smiled, holding up the kitten. "Can I hold him?" Mum asked. Darcy put the cat in her grandmother's arms then went to see who came to her party now. "Well there goes my idea of getting her a fish," Mum laughed. "I just hope Niall got stuff for the cat," I shrugged before petting our new cat. 

     When everyone arrived it was time for cake. I took Darcy out of her dress so she wouldn't get it dirty. I grabbed the little cake we got for Darcy to eat for herself. We sang Happy Birthday to her then let her destroy it. Harry served the decorated cake. I noticed that he gave me the biggest piece. "Thank you babe," I smiled when he handed me the dessert. "Anything for you babe," he grinned. "So Ali do you know what you're having this time?" Robin asked before he put his fork in his mouth. "Nope," I smiled. "I think we can go next week to see." "Harry what do you want?" Dad asked. "No clue," he chuckled. "I don't know if I could handle two girls." I looked over at Darcy to see her covered in cake. "Darcy," I sighed with a laugh. I walked to the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean her off. I got the cloth wet before taking it to Darc. Once she was clean, I put her dress back on so she could finish opening her presents. "God she is growing up so fast," Eleanor sighed. "How do you think I feel? It feels like yesterday when she was born."

     Lux was sitting on the floor with Darcy playing with the cat. Harry put the presents that were on a long table on the floor. "Pick whatever one you want," he smiled. She looked at the presents. "You know she's going to be more amused with the box then the actually toy itself right?" I whispered to him. "Ehh. It's the thought that counts," he shrugged. The first gift was a blanket that Kara knitted from (Shockingly) Kara and Zack. "I hope she likes it," Kara smiled. We hug out a bit since the first time I met her so she's come out of her shell. Eleanor and Louis got her a kitchen set, Zayn and Perrie got her an outfit which I thought was adorable, Mum and Dad got her a sweater. I laughed at Harry's face when he pulled it out. I walked over to him and bent down to whisper in his ear. "That can stay in her closet for the rest of her life." "I agree," he smiled. Lou, Tom, and Lux got Darcy a new bed spread thing, Niall not only got her a cat but all its necessities, Gemma got her a fingerpaint, Anne and Robin got her wall stickers of butterflies and other girly things, lastly Scott got her a stuffed fish that looked like Nemo. "Aweee Scotty!" I cried as I hugged my brother. "What? It looked like she liked the movie," he modestly said. Darcy was giggling away. "Mummy can we paint?" Lux asked Lou. "Ali?" "I don't care. But first you have to change angel." I picked Darcy up to change her into clothes that I didn't care if she got paint on. "Do you have something I could put this one in?" I nodded as I walked to the bedroom. I found a shirt that hadn't fit but I was too lazy to return it. "Here you go." Lou just slipped the shirt over what Lux had on. The kids peacefully painted while the adults talked. I zoned out, thinking about what Darcy had been through for the past year. Nothing bad thank god. There was a lot of good memories I will remember for the rest of my life :)

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