Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


17. Growing Up

*Two Months Later*

    "Harrybe careful with that!" I whined as Hazz carried in our glass coffee table. That's right everyone, the Styles have moved. It was a nice two story house on the outskirts of London. It had a nice amount of land for us. The boys were helping us move our stuff in which made me want to pull out my hair. "Where do you want this?" Zayn asked with a box in his arms. "Well what does sit say?" I asked him. "Darcy's stuff," he read. "Well where do you think it goes Zayn?" "You've been watching too many kids' shows," he laughed as he walked up the steps. I walked out to the backyard to see what Louis and Darcy were doing. Lou was pushing on the swing set we got her. "Higher!" Darcy giggled. I leaned against the door frame and watched them. I heard something hit the ground upstairs, causing me to sprint up the steps. "What the hell was that!" I yelled, going to Darcy's room. "Zayn thought it would be funny to drop the box of books," Niall said, not looking up from the project in front of him. Liam was sitting beside him with instructions in his hands. Zayn and Harry were sitting on the floor trying to hold in a laugh. "Fuck you," I said before I turned to leave. "Well if you insist," Harry said. I heard his footsteps run towards me then he wrapped his arms around my waist. He started to kiss my neck. "Harry stop!" I said sternly. "Help Niall put Darc's bed together." "If I have to," he sighed, letting go of me. "Thank you," I smiled.

     I walked to the kitchen to make lunch for everyone. I just made PB & J because I didn't feel like cooking. I took a plate out for Lou and Darcy. "I have lunch," I called as I placed the plate on the picnic table. Darcy came running over to the table. "What did you make?" Lou asked when he got to the table. "PB & J," I replied before going back in the house. I took the other plate up to the boys. "Hey," I smiled. "I brought food." Zayn and Harry ran towards me and grabbed two sandwiches each. "Do you want some Niall and Liam?" I asked as I walked over to the boys. "Just set it down," Liam said. Niall looked like he was too concentrated on the task at hand to answer so I followed Liam's orders and set it down. I heard the back door close so I went to see what they were planning on doing. Louis and Darcy were sitting on the couch watching Dora. Darcy was petting the cat while sucking her thumb. "Darcy, don't suck your thumb," I warned her. Of course, she did as I asked. At five, the boys came down to get supper. There was nice conversations going on at the table.

     "Darcy we have a surprise for you," Harry smiled when he came back from putting the plates and silverware in the dishwasher.  "Is it a puppy?" she asked with her green eyes filled with hope. "No," I laughed. "Why don't we go upstairs," I suggested as I got her out of her high chair. She ran to steps as soon as her feet hit the ground. She was half way up the steps when we got to the bottom. "Come on!" she whined. "She's her mother's child," Zayn laughed. "I heard that," I huffed before going up the stairs. "That was the point," he said. I rolled my eyes then continued my way up. Darcy was impatiently waiting for us. "Alright princess close your eyes," Niall told her, picking her up. She had her tiny hands over her closed her eyes. Niall carried her to her new bedroom. "Okay when I say three open your eyes," Niall whispered to her when he was outside the door. "One. Two. Three." On three, he opened the door. Darcy's eyes sparkled with amazement. "Big girl bed!" she squealed when she saw the project Liam and Niall had been working on. "Say thank you to Uncle Niall and Liam," Harry told her. "Thank you," she smiled to her uncles. "Anything for you shorty," Liam smiled. She sat on her bed and smiled. "Do you like it?" Niall asked. "Yes!" she giggled. "Well why don't I get you ready for bed then you can test it out," I suggested. She nodded then got off of her bed. We walked to the master bathroom so I could give her a bath. After her bath I sat her on her training toilet until she went. I tucked her in her bed then kissed her forehead. "Night angel," I told her. "Love you Mummy," she said back. I wiped a tear from my eye when the door was closed. My little angel was growing up too fast. :(


A/N: Sorry it took so long to updatee. I was busy with school & my English project. Any ways I hoped enjoyed this chapter. Also don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@Alexa_M_Young) & Tumblr (livin-in-a-state-of-dreamin) xx Alexa

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