Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


11. Another Day in the Park

     I was awaken by the our kitten which Harry named Smokey because of his grey color. "Retarded cat," I muttered as I sat up. Harry was still sleeping and I hoped Darcy was doing the same. I quietly got up to check on Darcy. I opened her door and saw her peacefully sleeping. I closed the door then walked down to the kitchen to make hot chocolate. After my warm beverage was done, I sat on the couch to watch the news. When the news was over, I watched a morning talk show. Harry came down in a pair of sweatpants at around 10. "Hey," I smiled. He just waved his greeting to me. "I love how much of a morning person you are," I giggled as he walked to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. "Mama!" Darcy cried. I sighed as I got up. "I'm coming baby," I yelled to her. I opened the door and saw Darcy standing up in her crib. "Good morning Sleeping Beauty," I smiled. "Hi Mama," she smiled. "Are you hungry?" I asked her. She nodded as I picked her up. "What are you hungry for?" I asked her as I put her on the ground. "Oatmeal!" she smiled. "What kind?" "'Nana!" I giggled at her answer. I carried her down the stairs then put her down so she could walk to the kitchen.

     Harry was in the kitchen getting another cup of coffee. "Do you mind putting her in her chair?" I asked him. He nodded as he picked her up. I put the oatmeal in the microwave then pulled a chair in front of Darcy's high chair. "Do you want to go to the park today?" I asked her. "Yeah!" she smiled. "When you're done, we'll see if daddy wants to go," I smiled. The microwave beeped so I got up to get her breakfast. I stirred it around until it was cool. I put in her favorite spoon then put it on the tray. "Please don't make a mess," I pleaded. She just smiled as she scooped up the gooey meal to put in her mouth. "How is it?" I asked. "Mmmm," she smiled. I just giggled. When she was done I cleaned off her hand and face with a wet paper towel before sending off to ask her father to play at the park. "Dada!" Darcy yelled as she ran into the living room. "What?" "Park?" "Alright," he sighed. I rolled my eyes as I walked to the bedroom. I put on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt with a pair of Vans. When I came out Harry had Darcy dressed and was ready to go. "Are you going to get dressed?" I asked Harry. "I guess I could," he smiled. "Well hurry up she's excited to go." He smiled as he took two steps at a time. He was putting his shirt on as he walked back down the stairs. "Ready?" I asked. He nodded then wrapped his arm around my waist. Mrs. Mauti was getting her paper when I opened the door. "Hey guys," she grinned. "Hey Mrs. Mauti," I smiled. Darcy just waved. In the elevator, I rested my head on Harry's shoulder. Darcy was playing with a chewing ring thing.

     The park was shockingly empty for how nice of a day it was. I lifted the tray thing on her stroller to let her out. She ran over to the swings once she was free. Harry was right on her heels. I laughed as I followed. Harry had her in the swing and was pushing her when I got there. I sat on the swing next to her's and watched her have a great time with Harry. "Slide?" she asked. "Do you want Mama to go with you?" Harry asked. She nodded so Harry stopped her. As he pulled her out, he made rocket ship noises causing Darc to laugh. She put her hand in mine then we walked to the jungle gym. I looked for a slide that we would both enjoy. "Mama!" she said pointing to one of the slides at the top. "You're not big enough baby," I told her causing her lips started to quiver. "Darcy stop," I said sternly but she started to cry. "Alright we're going home," I sighed as I picked her up. "No!" she cried. "Well then stop," I sighed. I walked over to one of the smaller slides then sat down with her in between my legs. "Ready?" I asked her. She nodded so I pushed off then we went down the short slide. She seemed to enjoy it so we went again. Around noon, she started to get tired. Her head rested on my shoulder as I carried her back to the stroller. Harry went to a local ice cream parlor to get us ice cream where we would meet him. "Are you hungry baby?" "Mhm," she nodded. "Want some ice cream?" She nodded again.

     Harry was sitting in a booth by the window. I sat her in the booth then sat down. "What kind of ice cream do you want?" Harry asked us. "Give her a vanilla in a dish and I want birthday cake in a waffle cone," I told him. He nodded then went to the front desk. I pulled out a box of crayons so she could keep herself entertained. I sat her on my lap so she could reach the place mat thing. Harry came back a few minutes later. "Here you go," he smiled as he placed the ice cream in front of us. Darcy only got the ice cream on her face thank god. We went back to the flat to watch some movies. "So what do you want to have this time?"  I asked Harry. "I kinda want a boy," he confessed. I nodded as I rested my head on his shoulder. "We should talk about names," I told him. "I can't think of any right now," he sighed after thinking for a little bit. "Well we have 5 months to think about things," I smiled. "I guess you're right," he sighed. We looked over at Darcy who was sitting in a little chair we got her with Smokey on her lap purring loudly. "Shh!" Darcy said the us. "Kitty sweeping." "Sorry babe," Harry whispered with a laugh. I had a feeling she was going to be a pain in the butt when she grows up. :/


A/N: Hey guys sorry it took so long to update! I had a HUGE history test to study for. But anywho I hope you enjoyed the chapter :) and if you have any questions about the story or you need someone to talk to, follow me on Twitter @Alexa_M_Young or you can but something in my ask box on tumblr which is xxAlexa

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