Still the One {Sequel to Summer Love} *Finished*

Harry and Ali's relationship is going strong. Will it last when new obstacles threaten their strong relationship? (Might be a smart idea to read Summer Love to get the feel of what's happening in this story)


22. A Welcome Home Surprise

*One Week Later*

     "Honey I'm home!" Harry yelled when he got into the house. "Harreh!" Louis yelled, running into the foyer. He gave him a tight hug, obviously missing his best friend. "Hi Uncle Lou," Darcy smiled. "Hey short stuff," he waved. "Where's Auntie Ellie?" she asked, looking around. "She's getting food," he told her. "I can't believe that you guys are getting married in two weeks," I sighed. "How do you think I feel?" Lou asked, pointing to himself. "Everything's going to be alright BooBear, I promise," Harry smiled, patting his back in support. Lou looked at me for a bit. "Something about you looks different about you Ali," he said. "And what would that be?" I asked. He looked me from head to toe again. "You dyed your hair?" he asked. "There you go," I smiled. "It looks nice," he grinned, running his fingers through it. "I like you as a brunette, it makes you look smarter," Harry said. "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked. "Never mind babe," Harry chuckled as he walked into the living room where Darcy had wandered off to. Lou and I talked about our adventures in Bora Bora while we followed. I let out an "awe" when I saw Smokey sitting on Darcy's lap. "I think someone miss you," Lou laughed. "I missed you too kitty," Darcy whispered to her pet. "So guys? Are we going to hear the cries of a newborn baby?" Louis asked. "Good question," I smiled. "Mama, where do babies come from?" Darcy asked. "An even better question!" Harry said. "Well Darcy, babies come from, um," I said trying to think of a way to explain. "When mummies and daddies share soap!" Harry exclaimed. "Eww!" Darcy said with a disgusted face. "Way to go Styles," Louis laughed. "And on that note, I'm gonna pack my stuff." "Do you need help?" I politely asked. "Nahh. I'm fine." I nodded then turned on the TV.

       Lou came down with his bags and placed them by the door. "So what are we doing album or tour wise?" Harry asked. "Nothing at the moment. We're taking a break to focus on our families." I felt excitement rush through my body. I wouldn't have to worry about Harry being half way around the world when the new baby would come. "But how long is it for?" Harry asked. "No clue. They just said that we're on break," Lou shrugged. "Well that's descriptive," I chimed in. "You're telling me," Harry muttered. "Mama, I'm thirsty," Darcy whined. "What do you want babe?" "Apple juice," she smiled. I nodded as I walked to the kitchen to fill her sippy cup with apple juice. While I was in the kitchen, Eleanor had come back. I could hear the plastic bags rustling in her arms. "Aunt Ellie!" Darcy cried. I could hear her little footsteps running towards El. "Hey there shorty," El cheered. "Gosh you got tan," El laughed. "She gets it from me," I beamed as handed Darcy her cup. "Holy tan!" Eleanor gasped. I just smiled.  "Here let me take some of those," I said, taking a couple bags out of her arms. "Thanks," she grinned.  We walked to the kitchen randomly talking about the first things that came to our minds. El and Lou stayed for another hour before they left. "See you next week for the dress fitting," El said as she walked out the door. "Bye El," I waved.

*At the Dress Fitting*

     I had been feeling horrible since we had gotten home. I put on a fake smile because it was the last fitting for Eleanor's wedding. "Hey Ali!" Danielle smiled when I walked in the door. "Hey Dan," I smiled. "Hi Aunt Dani," Darcy waved from my arms. "You've gotten so big! Soon you're going to be picking out wedding dresses," Dani sighed. "Let's not talk about that yet," I smiled. I felt my stomach turn so I asked Dani to hold her while I went to the bathroom. I put in a piece of gum in before heading out. The wedding party was still waiting in the waiting for Eleanor to show up. "Traffic must be bad," I said to Dani. "That's what El told me," Dani nodded.

     We chit-chatted until Eleanor and her mother rushed through the door. "Sorry we're late guys!" El said quickly as she ran to the front desk. "Can I help you?" the receptionist asked. "Calder," El smiled. "Right this way." We followed the man to the back room. It brought back memories of when I was trying on dresses for my wedding. El went to the dressing room to get changed. "Mama I'm hungry," Darcy whined, looking up at me. I sighed as I reached down into her diaper bag to get fruit snacks. I opened the packet and handed it to her. "Thank you," she smiled as she started to eat. "You're welcome." Eleanor came out in her wedding dress. "Well what do you think?" she asked, spinning around. "I like it," I smiled. Everyone nodded in agreement. "I'm guessing we're next," Eleanor's friend Ella said. "Mhm," Eleanor nodded. "Alright short stuff let's try on your dress," I told Darcy as we stood up. "But it fits Mama!" she whined. "Well Aunt Eleanor wants to make sure it fits," I explained. She nodded her head so I continued walking to the dressing room. Dani handed me me and Darcy's dress. I put Darc's on first before mine. "How does it feel babe?" I asked Darcy. "Good," she smiled. I silently laughed as I noticed she was wearing Converse with her dress. "Smile babe," I told her with my phone. She gave a big smile so I took a picture and sent it to Harry. I put my phone in my purse then put my hand out for Darcy to hold. We walked out to the room to get the bride's opinion. 

     "Oh my god! You guys look great!" El's mum smiled. "Thank you Ms. Calder," I smiled. After the dress fitting we went out to Burger King to eat quick then Darcy and I headed home. It was five o'clock when we got home. Darcy was tired so I put her up to her room. I had my head on Harry lap as he played with my hair. I was deep in thought when a thought hit me. "Harry, I'm late," I told him. "Late for what love?" he asked. "My friend who visits once a month." His eyes moved back and forth as he thought about what I meant. "I think I'm pregnant Harry."


A/N: Hey guys! Sorry it took so long to updateeee. I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Oh p.s. my game is in like a week or something so it may push back a chapter :S But yeahhh. I'll try my best. xxAlexa

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