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There’s no proper blurb for this, I didn’t think it needed one. The songs at the start of the chapter are songs that sort of go with the chapter and helped inspire it. This is definitely going to be one of my longer movellas, I’ve already written a lot and I know I’ll probably be writing a lot more. Another little note, if you hadn’t seen the tags, this is a Larry fanfic so if you’re anti-Larry then don’t hate on it, I’m not forcing you to read this or ship them.


2. Chapter Two


Music: The power of love – Gabrielle Aplin


Louis wrapped his arms around me and I hugged him as tightly as I could.

‘I’m so so sorry Lou’ I sobbed my breathing growing faster and shallower.

I kept apologising but he just kept silent.

I pulled away from the hug, finding it harder to breathe. I sat down onto the chair, gasping for air.

The tears kept streaming down my face as I struggled to inhale air but couldn’t.

‘Lou...’ I choked out.

He looked down at me, still standing up.

‘Harry? What’s wrong?’ He crouched down to get to my level.
I tried to tell him what was wrong but I couldn’t say anything, my throat was dry and what little air I had in me was disappearing fast. I felt like I was about to die.

‘J-just try to calm down.’ I could hear the urgency in his voice as I tried to calm down and slow my breathing.

My heart and head was pounding as I continued to try and breathe slower, still failing.

‘Lou.’ I clung onto him tightly my breathing gradually getting deeper and slower.

When I finally managed to control my breathing and the constant banging in my mind quietened I let go of him.

 ‘W-what just happened?’ I stammered, still shaking a little.

‘I think you had an anxiety attack...’ Louis whispered.

He squeezed my hand; I hadn’t noticed he was holding it.

‘What’s happening to me?’ tears started to roll down my cheeks again and I put my head in my hands.


‘Shh...’ I put my arms around Harry and rubbed his back comfortingly, trying to hide the fear running through my mind that I might lose him.

We sat there for a while, Harry sobbing and me holding him tight, until we heard a knock at the door.

‘Stay here, I’ll get it.’ I let go of him, got up and walked to the hallway to answer the door.

I was immediately greeted by a big bear hug and looked up at Liam.

‘Louis, are you okay? Where’s Harry?’ Liam said softly, hugging me.

‘He’s in the living room.’ We both walked through and I saw Harry had gone.

‘Dammit’ I muttered and ran to check the bathroom.


Even though I knew it would be the first place Louis would look I had decided to come into the bathroom.

I looked down at the knife on the floor, as if it was asking to cut the skin of my right arm instead of the left this time.

As I reached down the door swung open and Louis, and a concerned looking Liam, were at the door.

Shit. I’d forgotten to lock the door.

‘Harry what the fuck are you doing?!’ He shouted. I flinched.

‘I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry Louis.’ I picked up the knife and made a quick cut before he grabbed the knife from my hand.


I stood behind Louis all the time, my eyes widening when Harry sliced the skin on his right wrist.

‘Harry...’ I muttered, disappointed with him but concerned for his welfare.

‘Li, it’s not what it looks like!’ He sobbed.

He wiped his eyes with his right hand and a little blood from the cut smeared onto his cheek.

‘Why would you do this? You don’t deserve this!’ I shook my head as the tears welled up in my eyes.

‘It’s exactly what I deserve! I’m worthless, worthless!’ he shouted, his fist clenched.

‘Harry, please calm down.’ Louis said; his voice cracking as he took Harry’s hand.

He pulled his hand away from Louis’ and pushed past him, out of the bathroom.

Louis looked at me helplessly as I heard Harry run up the stairs.

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