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There’s no proper blurb for this, I didn’t think it needed one. The songs at the start of the chapter are songs that sort of go with the chapter and helped inspire it. This is definitely going to be one of my longer movellas, I’ve already written a lot and I know I’ll probably be writing a lot more. Another little note, if you hadn’t seen the tags, this is a Larry fanfic so if you’re anti-Larry then don’t hate on it, I’m not forcing you to read this or ship them.


3. Chapter Three


Music: Safe and sound – Taylor Swift


I slid open my window, feeling the cold wind against my damp cheeks.

I could hear both Louis and Liam coming up the stairs after me.

I put one foot up on the windowsill and poked my head out of the window, the wind running through my hair.

‘HARRY!’ I heard Louis and Liam shout over the noise of the strong wind against my ears.

I put my other foot on the windowsill, relying purely on the edges of the window frame to stop me from falling.

Louis’ hand clutched my ankle and I shook it off.

I turned a little and smiled at him, a single tear rolling down my cheek.

‘It’s for the best.’ I whispered, before releasing my grip on the window frame.


‘No!’ I screamed, even though it was no use, until the noise in my throat slowly died away. I fell to the floor on my knees and cried with my head in my hands.

I could hear the commotion on the street below, the people shocked that Harry had done this.

The boys had lost a friend, his sister had lost a brother, the fans had lost an idol, but more importantly, I had lost my true love, my one key to happiness.

I don’t know how long I sat there, crying until my eyes were dry, but it felt like hours.

When I stopped crying I curled up in a tight ball on the floor, remembering Harry.

Liam stayed there the whole time, mourning him as well, but I didn’t notice him until he tapped on my shoulder.

‘It’s okay, he’ll be okay.’ He whispered in my ear.

Even though I knew it was a lie it made me feel better. Harry was in a better place, a place where he didn’t have to worry what people thought of him because he was finally safe from it all.

I got up and walked over to the chest of drawers next to Harry’s bed. I picked up a small unframed photo of me and him. He looked so happy and carefree, unlike how he had looked during his last moments.

His last moments; those three words kept replaying in my head, like a drum, over and over.

He was so young - not yet nineteen - and he was gone.



I took a seat in the front row next to the rest of the boys. We’d made sure that the funeral would be strictly for family and friends.

I looked to the front at the coffin with Harry’s stiff cold body inside.

They had said he died as soon as he hit the ground which meant he wasn’t in any pain, which meant he probably hadn’t known he was dying. They said it as if it was meant to make me feel better but it did the opposite.

They had told me that if I wanted to I could see his body but I hadn’t been able to bear it until the day of the funeral.

We all stepped up, one at a time, to the coffin and I looked down at Harry’s still face.

He looked peaceful, more at rest than he had the moments before he had died.

I bent down and whispered in his ear, though I knew he wouldn’t hear.

‘You’re safe now...’ a tear rolled down my cheek and then landed on his clothing. They had changed him into a plain black suit and white shirt, similar to what I was wearing.

I walked away and back to my seat just before the man spoke.

I blanked out his voice from my mind and instead filled it with memories of Harry.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw the man had stopped talking and it was my turn to speak.

The day beforehand I was supposed to be writing down things about him and what he meant to me but I had come up blank.

I walked up to the front and cleared my throat.

‘Harry... He meant a lot to all of us. He was always such a fun person. Always happy and bubbly, but that kind of changed recently,’ I could easily see I was being awkward, but I continued.

‘We all wish he was still here, still brightening our day, but at least we know he’s in a better place now. He’s safe.’

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