Daily Story Challenge-Month 5-Parties

Here's January 2013's DSC! :D It's all about parties and their upsides and downsides. This one will be 15 story parts, 15 poem parts, and a special poem/story at the end. Enjoy!


3. Day 2

The party simmered to an end-much to James' relief. People left in groups, heading for their houses, or the nearest bus stop, hoping that the next bus was only five minutes away.

Serve them right for not checking the timetable beforehand, he thought. The appearance of his friends behind him withdrew him from thought. Brianna, the only girl in their group, had her arm around Keiron, the eldest of them. In more than a friendly way. As it happened, they were cousins...

"What are you two doing?" James interrupted them. "You're related."

"So, idiot?" Brianna replied. "People in the olden days ued to marry their cousin To... To... Keep it in the Family! Yeah, that's it!"

"Leave him, Bri. Nobody cares what you think, Loser."

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