Daily Story Challenge-Month 5-Parties

Here's January 2013's DSC! :D It's all about parties and their upsides and downsides. This one will be 15 story parts, 15 poem parts, and a special poem/story at the end. Enjoy!


16. Day 15

"You alright?" James asked Brianna. She nodded, wrapping her arms around herself.

"Why did you do it, though? I don't get it," she sighed, barely able to look at him, as though he were as bright as the sun. Taller, better than her... "I was never even nice to you. I just dragged you along to the most horrible parties. Made it all worse."

"I did it because I hate seeing people suffer. When I saw behind that makeup, I guess I realised there was a human in there."

"Okay. Promise me one thing, yeah?"


"Never let me go to a party for a long time, deal?" she laughed.

"Deal," he replied. "Although, they might not be so bad if you stick around."

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