Daily Story Challenge-Month 5-Parties

Here's January 2013's DSC! :D It's all about parties and their upsides and downsides. This one will be 15 story parts, 15 poem parts, and a special poem/story at the end. Enjoy!


12. Day 11

Abigail sat down beside Keiron and Brianna at the back of the restaurant, still blinking the traces of the neon light sign from her eyes.

"So. About James," she started. "Suggestions?"

"Get him to kiss one of the girls? He's got to fancy someone," Brianna reasoned.

"And try getting one he doesn't know too well. He won't have anything to go by."

"Nice one, Keiron," Abigail nodded, smirking. "Now, do you mind if I buy him a 'present' something to 'liven the party up'?"

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