Daily Story Challenge-Month 5-Parties

Here's January 2013's DSC! :D It's all about parties and their upsides and downsides. This one will be 15 story parts, 15 poem parts, and a special poem/story at the end. Enjoy!


2. Day 1

James skulked in amongst the crowds of half-drunken teenagers. The room was flooded with the stench of sweat and alcohol. Nobody was in their right mind. Why, again, did he allow his so called 'friends' to drag him to places like this? Maybe it was to fit in, or maybe he just didn't care, deep down. He didn't know... A boy he recognized from his PE class staggered by him on his way to the toilet.

Looks like the top athletes won't be on form tomorrow, he sighed mentally. One day, something is going to happen at one of these parties, and I'll be the only one sober enough to care.

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