Ada and Lyric are sisters. Lyric is older than Ada. Lyric had a boyfriend. Ada got his attention. He cheated on Lyric. They fought. He left. Ada's guilty. Lyric's in hospital. He's famous. He's part of One Direction. The baby's fine.

Sorry it's a fanfic I had the idea and couldn't shake it.


8. Tell Him

It had been over four weeks since Zayn had called. I had thought of little else apart from it. Lyric hadn't got a call from him at all. I didn't tell her he had called me. Her conditition seemed to be getting worse and it looked like where her leg had been amputated there had been some bacteria. God, she better not die.

It was a Saturday morning and I was cleaning my teeth in my pyjamas, letting Charlie sleep in. He was tired from watching movies half the night. Don't think I wasn't against it, but I ended up falling asleep and only got Charlie to bed before midnight because I had woken up.

The doorbell rang, disrupting me from my thoughts. Expecting it to be the milkman or postman, I didn't bother takign my toothbrush out of my mouth. So when I opened the front door and was greeted with a bunch of cameras being shoved in my face, I was shocked. I stood there, toothpaste dripping onto my porch mat, whilst five boys wearing hoodies and sunglasses walked through my front door.

"Tell us your name!"

"Who are you?"

Reporters fired me personal questions which I couldn't answer. I was paralysed with shock. One of the boyys closed the door and led me into the hall.

"How about you finish getting dressed and then we'll explain?" an Irish accent said. I frowned, but willingly walked up the stairs. I turned my head and watched as they took off their sunglasses. Great, now One Direction are in my house.

"Oh, and expect to see your face in the newspapers tomorrow." I hear someone call out before I get out of their earshot.

I wash my face clean of any toothpaste and pull on some jeggings and a primark top. Feeling chilly, I pulled on a jumper as well. After checking on Charlie and seeing him still fast asleep I walked down the stairs to be greeted with the boys.

"Hi." I said, putting my hands in my jumper pockets. The boys replied with a chorus of "hi"'s and waves. We stood in an awkward silence. None of us knowing what to say. Then Charlie came bounding down the stairs. I stood at the bottom facing him and watched him jump from the third from the bottom step. I caught him mid air and tickled him relentlessly, walking into the lounge. The boys followed and made themselves comfortable on chairs and the floor. They watched in awe as I played with Charlie. Eventually I stopped and sat down on a sofa, Charlie clambering up to sit on my lap.

"These people were on the telly Auntie Ada." Charlie says.

"Yeah, they were weren't they." I say back.

Charlie looks at them all, then he points at Zayn. His dad.

"Auntie Ada likes you. She looks at you when you come on telly." He's just dropped me in it. I can feel myself turn red as the boys laugh and Zayn goes tomato mode as well.

"Charlie. How about you show some of the boys your toys?" I asked. Charlie nodded, sliding out of my seat. The one I was rude to (I'm seriously never going to get over that) jumped up and followed Charlie up the stairs, dragging Harry with him. I widen my eyes at his enthusiasim.

"Does anyone want a drink?" I ask, getting up and walking towards the kitchen.

"Yeah, water please."

"You're cheap!" I joke at the brown haired boy. My nan would always make that joke.

"Coffee for me please." I nodded and went out into the kitchen to make them. I noticed Zayn hadn't said anything yet. I brought the two drinks into the lounge and handed them to the waiting boys.

I sat down. We sat in silence whilst the boys slurped their drinks. I bit my lip. Force of habit really.

Once they had finished, Liam (I think) got up.

"Niall, maybe we should go and have a look at what Louis and Harry are up to." Niall nodded and they left the room. They obviously knew who I was. The silence lasted for a few more minutes, and I looked him over. His hands were clasped and placed loosely in his lap and his eyes were faced towards the floor.

"So. You still live in Lyric's house?" Zayn finally ventured.

"Yeah." I answered softly. The silence lasted a few more minutes.

"And that was my son?"

"Yeah." I still spoke softly, looking at him. His eyes still focused on the floor.

"You're doing a great job with him." He smiled


"He's a bit of a mash up of all the boys isn't he?" He was smiling wider now, his eyes still downwards though.


"Don't see much of myself in him." He laughed drily, trying to make a joke.

"He has your eyes." I say looking at him earnestly.

He looks at me then. Makes eye contact. With those big brown eyes that look just like Charlie's. I feel myself melting a bit. I bite my lip and realise how much I've actually been doing it. My fingers trace over my lips, feeling the indentations my teeth have left in them. I shake my head and sit straighter. A thought hits me hard, and I voice it quickly.

"Do you think we should tell Charlie you're his dad today?" I asked

He looked at me, a bit confused and frowning. His head looks down at his hands.

"Yeah, that would be good."

"You could take him out at the weekends, spend time together." I say, thinking that I might be able to have some time to myself. He's smiling again.

"Yeah. I'd love too." I nod my head, understanding. We sit in a more comfortable silence until I hear the patter of four and a half people's feet on the stairs. I peer around the door and fall back laughing. All of them are dressed in Charlie's dressing up stuff. They've got on capes, helmets, gloves, skirts, pretend armour. Charlie leads a charge into the lounge.

"Auntie Ada, you can be the princess!" Charlie exclaims, dragging me from my seat. I curtsey low and wave my hand regally. We play knights and princesses and dragons for a few hours, completely emerged in the game. It's two o'clock by the time we stop playing.

"Who wants lunch?" I ask and their eyes all lit up. They nod and agree to a sandwich.

"Can I have my favourite!" Charlie calls out to me. I pretend to forget what it is.

"Carrot and ham!" Charlie says, inbetween laughs.

"I'll have one of them!" Louis cries. "With ketchup." He adds.

"Ham and cheese."

"Yeah, same for me too."

"Same as well."

"Anything and everything."

I laugh and get busy slicing and buttering the bread. I smile and think of what a good time Charlie's having. He hardly ever invites anyone round for tea apart from Davie. I'm enjoying their company too. I hadn't realised how much I'd missed out on a social life. I pile the sandwiches onto plates and then the plates onto a tray. I hand them out and then sit down and watch them all eat. There hadn't been enough bread (or fillings for that matter) for me to make myself a sandwich.

"Ada, aren't you going to eat?" Zayn asks

"Not enough bread." I shrug, not really minding that I'm going without. He offers me half of his sandwich and I take it gratefully, gingerly taking bites.

"Charlie I can see why this is your favourite. High-5 dude!" Louis says, holding up his hand for Charlie to smack. We all laugh. After we're done I clear away the plates before sitting back down again. I haul Charlie onto my lap, wanting to tell him now. The other four boys, after being spoken to by Zayn, leave the room.

"We'll put your toys away for you!" They reassure Charlie as they walk out.

"Charlie." He looks at me. "You know you want to know when you're Daddy's coming home?" Charlie nods. "Well," I put my hand on Zayn's shoulder. "This is your Daddy." Charlie stares at Zayn for a while, kind of unsure of what to do. Then slowly he clambers off of my lap and onto Zayn's, their brown eyes lock and I suddenly feel apart from the scene. Charlie hugs Zayn, and Zayn holds him tight.

"I love you Charlie."

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