Ada and Lyric are sisters. Lyric is older than Ada. Lyric had a boyfriend. Ada got his attention. He cheated on Lyric. They fought. He left. Ada's guilty. Lyric's in hospital. He's famous. He's part of One Direction. The baby's fine.

Sorry it's a fanfic I had the idea and couldn't shake it.


11. Run Away

It had been a great weekend, but here I was again, stuck at my desk working. I hummed my own tune as I typed nonchalantly. My thoughts, though, were soon interrupted as my mobile started to ring loudly. Quickly, I fumbled through my cluttered handbag, eventually finding the pink sparkly phone. I pressed the green phone.

"Hello, Miss Hart?" It was the head worker at the nursery Charlie went to.

"Hello, what's happened? Is everything all right?" I ask down the phone, quickly becoming worried about Charlie.

"Well.... we're not entirely sure where Charlie is?" Her voice gets higher near the end.

"What the hell do you mean you don't know where he is?" I practically yell, earning stares from my colleagues.

"Jane at the front desk didn't see him leave, but we looked on the CCTV footage and he walked out." She sounded apologetic.

"Thanks." I say harshly, before hanging up. It dawns on me suddenly. Charlie's missing. He ran away. He's gone. Oh dear, it sseems I might have just lost another family member. Instinctively, my feet start walking me towards my boss. She raises hher eyebrow, her arms folded across her chest and her foot tapping. God, she scares me.

"I...Er....Denise, please, my neph-son ran away from his nursery. I need to go and find him." I begged her, tears starting to form in my eyes already.

Surprisingly, she slowly nods her head and I almost faint at that. I turn quickly, grabbing my coat and running out into the cold London street. My first thought is to go home and see if he's there, then I'll check the park and the shops. Especially the toy store.

Without bothering with a bus or train, I run down the road, my coat and bag flailing in the wind behind me. People jump out of the way as I charge straight down the middle. Absentmindedly I call out some feeble apologies.

I'm breathless by the time I get home, but as soon as I see the house, I'm greeted with a sudden urgency. I ram open the front door and look into all of the rooms, making sure they're empty. Nobody's here. Just as quickly as I came in, I leave through the front door, without considering changing my high heels for some more suitable trainers.

After searching the park, shops, streets, I sit down on a low wall and cry. Sobbing violently - mascara no doubt running down my cheeks - I numbly take out my phone and dial my most favourite number. (No, it is not the pizza delivery service!)

"Hello?" His voice makes me cry even harder.

"Ada? Are you alright? What's wrong? Where are you?" He bombards me with questions, leaving me to cry for longer. When he notices Im not answering, he asks more slowly

"Ada, listen to me, it's going to be alright. Now, can you please tell me what's wrong?"

"It's Charlie! He...he......he ran away from nursery and I can't find him anywhere!" I blubber down the phone, feelign completely stupid.

"Where have you looked?" His voice is serious.

"My house, the park, the streets and the shops." I answer, taking deep breaths whilst trying to compose myself.

"Me and the guys'll come and help you look." He says before hanging up. I should have gotten up and carried on looking. But I didn't, I was paralysed, knowing it was my fault that Charlie was missing. I should have made sure he was alright. I should have done more. Eventually, I get up and slowly continue my search, the urgency seemingly forgotten. When my phone vibrates (I decided it was best I put it on silent) I bring it to my ear again, listening for the callers voice. I realise then, I haven't clicked the green phone, and click it, just before it goes onto answer phone.

"Heello" I ask.

"Ada! I found Charlie!" I gasp as I hear the words come out of the speaker.

"Is he hurt?" I aks, my mothering instinct coming over.

"No, Ada, come to the hospital." I flinch when I hear the word hospital. Is Charlie really alright?

"Ok." I manage to say, straining to keep my voice perky.

"I'll see you in a few minutes, ok?"

"Yeah." I hang up this time. Suddenly I realise I need to get to the hospital. I see an approaching taxi and wlak halfway into the road, waving my arms.

"TAXI!" I call. He stops. Almost hitting me, mind you, but he stopped. I clamber in and tell him to step on it.


"CHARLIE!!!!" I yell, running out of the taxi and opening my arms wide. The curly haired blonde boy jogs towards me, his arms opening equally wide. We collide on the pavement and I swing him around in a wide arc. I put him down and hug him against my legs. Zayn walks over, looking strangely casual with his hands in the front pockets of his jeans. I grin at him and he shrugs his shoulders. I hesitantly let go of Charlie and run over to Zayn.

"Thank you!" I cry, clapsing his face with my hands and kissing both of his cheeks. Then, because I'm so happy, I kiss his lips lightly as well. We both look away awkwardly, embarassed by my rash actions. Charlie runs over, oblivious to the awkwardness between me and his dad. I pick him up again, hugging him tightly and hoping he'll never run away again.

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