Ada and Lyric are sisters. Lyric is older than Ada. Lyric had a boyfriend. Ada got his attention. He cheated on Lyric. They fought. He left. Ada's guilty. Lyric's in hospital. He's famous. He's part of One Direction. The baby's fine.

Sorry it's a fanfic I had the idea and couldn't shake it.


7. Phone Call

It was nine o'clock by the time we got back home. I put Charlie straight to bed. As his head hit the pillow, I knew he was out for the count. I made my way back to my bedroom and put on my own pyjamas before turning on Film 4 and watching Ice Age. It was about half way through when my phone rang. I turned the telly to mute and looked at the caller ID. It was Zayn. I certainly wasn't expecting him to call. I didn't even know he still had my number. I wasn't sure whether to answer or not. Throwing my phone from hand to hand like it was a hot potato, I eventually pressed the green phone and held it to my ear.

"Hello? Ada? Hello?" He asked down the phone. I couldn't think of anything to say.

"Ada, I'm going to hang up." He said.

"No!" I cried down the phone, putting both hands around it, as if it were a precious jewel.

"You are there then." He replied, I could almost see him smiling. I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want?" I asked softly.

"To talk."

"Well duh!" I said laughing, he laughed too. But then he asked rather seriously

"Is it true you have a son?"


"Then what was that girl on about?"

"Charlie's your son. But I look after him. He's like a son to me."

"So Lyric doesn't look after him?"

"Lyric's still in hospital."


"She's not getting any worse."

"Well, that's good news."

"But she's not getting any better."


I sighed. I hadn't talked to him in over two years and now he wants to talk about Lyric. I know they used to go out and they had a kid together but why didn't he call her?

"Have you tried calling Lyric?" I asked


"So why are you calling me?" I said it slowly, biting my lip.

"Because I-"

"Hold on." I say as Charlie comes into the room, tears on his cheeks. He must have had another nightmare. I put my arms out and he curls up on my lap whilst I stroke his blonde curls gently.He watches Ice Age which is still on the telly.

"Yes?" I say, hinting he can continue

"Where do you live?"

"Wait! Hold on! You were telling me something!"

"No I wasn't." He says, trying to act innocent.

"Yes you were."




"Well what?"

"Well, where do you live?"

"Lyric's house." I look down at Charlie and realise he's alseep, I smile and put him under the duvet.

"Cool. Good night."

"Good night." I feel quite happy, now that I've talked to him. He hasn't changed much from what I can tell. I'm surprised he doesn't want to know more about Charlie and how he's getting on. He never sends a birthday present. Well he is a popstar.

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