Ada and Lyric are sisters. Lyric is older than Ada. Lyric had a boyfriend. Ada got his attention. He cheated on Lyric. They fought. He left. Ada's guilty. Lyric's in hospital. He's famous. He's part of One Direction. The baby's fine.

Sorry it's a fanfic I had the idea and couldn't shake it.


9. Not Nice

It was the day after Zayn and his friends had come over. I was laying in bed, still half asleep, yawning my head off, when some sort of noise at my bedroom window distracted me. Curious, I got up and flung open my bedroom curtains to reveal none other than a photographer. I looked at him in shock and confusion as he clicked away on his camera. I thought all the media and craziness had gone with the boys. Obviously not. Suddenly realising he was getting pictures of me which would end up in newspapers or magazines, I opened the window and reached out to grab his camera. Unfortunately he was too fast and ran away still takign photos as I put my middle finger up at him.

I hoped he would be the only one, and went downstairs to see Charlie watching Cebeebies whilst laying on the floor.

"Do you want some toast?" I asked him, sitting on the sofa behind him. He jumped when he realised I was behind him.

"Yes please." He answered, once he had got over the initial shock. I obligingly got up and went to put the kettle on as well as the toaster. I got out the milk (for my tea) and some orange juice for Charlie to drink. Breakfast was usually a well organised meal for us and I was glad of that. Charlie soon came and sat at the table, waiting not so patiently for his toast.

"Charlie, can you stop fidgeting please." I told him, raising an eyebrow. He shrugged his shoulders and tried to sit still, but eventually continued wriggling around, looking around to give me a glance every now and then to see if I was watching. As I put the plates on the table, Charlie became still, until that was, he began eating. I laughed, finding it funny how his facial expression could change so quickly. I finished my toast faster than Charlie and went upstairs to have my shower. I wanted to go to the corner shop today to get a newspaper, more milk and get something nice for desert after dinner.

When we were both dressed in our coats, gloves, scarves, hats and shoes, I opened the front door and we started walking down the driveway. I was expecting it to be nice and empty, as it usually is, but a handful of reporters were standing along the fences.

"Sweetheart! Tell us your name!"

"How do you know One Direction?"

"Have you seen your photo in the paper yet?"

Zayn had told me yesterday that if this happened, I just had to smile brightly and ignore the questions. I followed his advice and beamed wildly at everyone, making gestures for them to get off of my driveway. They came after us, down the road. Charlie was overwhelmed by it all, and kept gazing in shock at the strange people surrounding him.

"Is that your child?" Some stupid reporter asked, I was beginning to get frustrated, they didn't need to know these details. It wasn't their buissness. When we eventually got into the corner shop I picked up the stuff I needed, payed and was about to go out the front way. Where the reporters were. When I got an idea.

"Erh, could we leave the back way?" I asked the shopkeeper, trying to look as nice as possible. He nodded in bewilderment, unaware of the media mob outside his shop. Me and Charlie climbed through some cardboard boxes before coming out next to the park. We took the long way home and managed t oget back inside the house without anyone charging after us.

"Phew!That was crazy, wasn't it Charlie!" I said, pretending to fall asleep so he shook my arm. He laughed, as he so often did and walked into the lounge and continued playing as if nothing had happened. I shrugged my shoulders. I would never guess what was going on inside his head. I went upstairs to my own bedroom and opened the newspaper to page three, where a huge picture of me in my pyjamas was. I read the article that ran alongside it.

An anonymous girl, predicted to be around 35, had her house bombarded by the famous boy band One Direction yesterday morning. The five members of the band didn't leave till late and left the house without looking back. It is believed that she has some sort of link with them and may be in a relationship with one of the members. Neighbours have shared information, telling us that she lives in her sisters house and works for a foster company.....

I stopped reading. Then I burst out laughing. Some idiot, thought that I was 35! I was only 19! (A/N yeah the age may need some work! I was going to make her older but then the boys would be younger.) I texted Zayn, to see if he knew.

To Zayn.
Message: Can u believ some idiot thinks im 35?!

I got a reply almost instantly.

Message: LOL, yh. they got it well rong. u look bout 40.

I laughed, and I swear I was going to swat him one when I next saw him. I told him to "bog off" and then he replied, again. I thought he had work today? Well, Meet and Greets, concerts and goofing around don't really qualify for work. How old's the guy? 20? Wow.

Message: U havent got twitter/facebook hav u?

I replied: No. y? do i need one?

Message Z: no. fans just being evil.

I couldn't help but laugh. Who calls their fans evil?

Me: How?

Z: rude comments.

Me: Oh. bye.

Z: bye?

I shook my head and turned on my laptop. I was going to find out what they were saying about my wonderful face. Lyric had facebook before she went into hospital and i knew her password for that. So I logged onto my sister's account and found a group conversation where people were posting stupid comments about me. Things like:

Look how ugly she is.

What an idiot with toothpaste dripping from her mouth.

God, she looks so fat.

Didn't make much of an effort, did she?

Bet she paid them to come over to her house.

Some insecure silly teenagers would cry and then self-harm. I don't. I was bullied at school and partly neglected by my parents. I'm not going to go and cut myself up just because some idiots think they can walk all over me. I scroll down and see the boys have tried to stop them saying stuff but the fans jsut keep the insults rolling.

"I'll show them." I mutter to myself as I log out of Lyric's account and click on the button that says : sign up. Entering my details, I cleverly call myself Anonymous Girl, and take a sufficient picture with the webcam. I create the account and go back onto the group conversation, adding a message of my own.

Message: You know, all of you can shut up, because you have no idea who I actually am apart from a dodgy photo taken by an idiot of a reporter. Insult me all you want because I don't give a damn what you think. It doesn't bother me if you moth eaten people think you're so clever by calling me names. I know that you're just jealous. And trust me, I wouldn't blame you. But why do you need to pick on someone who has done nothing wrong? Please just get on with your lives and leave me in PEACE!!!

With a flourish, I click send and watch as people reply. But before they can message my page, I deactivate my account. My message is now permanently on  that conversation. I just wish I could see their faces when they realise that I'm not afraid to stand up for myself.

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