Ada and Lyric are sisters. Lyric is older than Ada. Lyric had a boyfriend. Ada got his attention. He cheated on Lyric. They fought. He left. Ada's guilty. Lyric's in hospital. He's famous. He's part of One Direction. The baby's fine.

Sorry it's a fanfic I had the idea and couldn't shake it.


3. Manic Monday

In the morning I yawned and blinked, just as I did every morning. Today was Monday. I had to get to work. After carrying Charlie back into his own bedroom I showered and put on a fresh white blouse and a plain grey longish pencil skirt. I struggled with some skin coloured tights for about three minutes before grabbing my black heels and purse. I put three slices of bread in the toaster, one for Charlie, two for me. Whilst they were toasting I filled the kettle with water and flicked the switch so it started to boil. I got out a cup and placed a teabag and a spoonful of sugar inside.

I was sitting at the table eating jam and toast by the time Charlie came in.

"Good morning my little angel!" I exclaimed in an overly excited voice. He rubbed his eyes sleepily and clambered up onto his chair at the table. I handed him his toast before running back upstairs to get my paperwork. When I came back down Charlie had his bag with him. Every morning I took him to a Kiddie Klub. He would spend the day there before I picked him up for his dinner. Charlie even got washed and dressed there. I unlocked the front door and we ran through the rain to the car. I was having second thoughts of bringing an umbrella but then I realised there was actually no time to get one.

Charlie buckled himself in and I turned on the radio. Just after It's Raining Men finished, Manic Monday came on. God that song couldn't have suited today any better! By the time I had got to Kiddie Klub, I knew I was going to be late to work, I practically threw Charlie out of the car.

"I'll see you tonight! Be good Bubbs!" I called out the window, blowing him kisses as I went. As I parked my car, I thought I would buy some flowers for my boss, they would hopefully sweeten her mood. Running through the hall and swiping my card swiftly on the door monitor I reached my desk in one piece. My hair might have been slightly crazy, but hey, I made it. My boss appeared behind me, startling me so I almost fell off my chair.

"You're late." She said, her frown the biggest I've seen it yet. I handed her the flowers weakly and she turned away, glowering. My friend and colleague, Dee, that I sit next to, sympathetically puts a hand on my arm. Her son Davie and Charlie get on really well and she's the one that suggested Kiddie Klub. She has a daughter, Vicky, who loves me and does my hair whenever she gets the chance.

"Hey, Ada, Vicky wants to go to a Meet and Greet of her favourite band this weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to go with her and I could look after Charlie for you?" Dee asked patiently.

"Yeah, sure thing. Thanks. What time do you want me to drop Charlie off and get Vicky?"

"Eh... two o'clock?"

"Cool." I replied before entering the details of another foster child onto our system.

It was lunchtime before I got a proper break. My eyes were sore from looking at the small print and computer screen, I should really consider going to the opticians soon. If I get the time. Between going to work, looking after Charlie, shopping and visiting Lyric, I don't get much time to myself. Spending the afternoon with Vicky will be the closest to having a girls night out in two years. All my old friends tried to keep in touch with me but I moved down to Lyric's house and I never have time to answer their calls or texts.

I eat my bacon sandwich in the quiet company of Dee. She always knows when I need there to be silence or a cheerful conversation. She's a lot like a mother to me. My mother and father died when I was 16, so I had quite a lot of nurturing but she was never one to learn our interests. We had to make do with what we were given or go without. I would miss Lyric more if I had the time to miss her. I barely get time to myself when I go to bed. Charlie has nightmares and I zonk out before I even consider my thoughts.

Charlie's dad must have it easy. Just singing and parading round on stage. I have his number. I could call him anytime I want. But I don't have a reason to call him. And I'm too scared. Of what, I don't know.

Before I know it, I'm busy working again, downing cups of coffee to keep me active. I can't wait to see Charlie. I always miss him when I work. He's a little angel. Now that I think about it. He has one thing that is exactly the same as his Dad. His big brown eyes. I knew he had brown eyes, but I didn't think they looked the same as his Dad's. Shaking my head to clear the thoughts, I packed my bag to leave the office.

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