Ada and Lyric are sisters. Lyric is older than Ada. Lyric had a boyfriend. Ada got his attention. He cheated on Lyric. They fought. He left. Ada's guilty. Lyric's in hospital. He's famous. He's part of One Direction. The baby's fine.

Sorry it's a fanfic I had the idea and couldn't shake it.


2. I remember

As I lay in bed, I think about him. He's always on my mind.

I remember holding hands.

I remember stealing glances.

I remember moonlight walks.

I remember strolls on the sand.

I remember late night kisses.

I remember lips on mine.

I remember hot skin touching.

I remember his beautiful face.

I remember arms wrapped around me.

I remember

I remember.....

My thoughts are broken as Charlie clambers in beside me. He's had another nightmare.

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